Hire the best React Native App Development Company after comparing React Native and Ionic

Author: Sneha Gopal
February 26, 2020
Hire the best React Native App Development Company after comparing React Native and Ionic


Upcoming project ? Planning to hire aReact Native App Development Company?

Well, before you get started let us compare two popular frameworks i.e. React Native and Ionic before you make a choice. React Native enables developers to build native apps using React and JavaScript. Whereas, Ionic helps build mobile, desktop and web apps using conventional technologies like JavaScript/CSS/HTML.

Talking about the similarities, using Ionic or React Native developers do not need to know native iOS or Android development.

React Native vs Ionic — Let the Battle Begin!

#1 Native vs. Hybrid

Ionic Framework: Hybrid Apps with Better Performance and Elegant Design

Started by Drifty.co, Ionic is a standard framework widely used for developing hybrid apps. It enables businesses to build elegant and feature-rich apps using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Rendered in UIWebView for iOS and WebView for Android, the framework uses Cordova plugins to integrate native features in the app.

React Native Framework: Build Native-Like Apps 

Created by Facebook, React Native is a cross-platform framework used to build truly native-like apps using a single codebase. Using JavaScript and React, the framework enables developers to build native app experiences at a much faster pace and reduced costs. Leveraging native components of iOS and Android, React Native offers superior user experience in comparison to frameworks using Web Views like Ionic. 


Winner: React Native 

React Native enables developers to build  truly “native” apps which the end-users will not be able to distinguish from a native app. On the other hand, Ionic helps build hybrid apps with elegant designs but  these surely don’t come close to the look and feel of native apps.

#2. Technology stack

React Native

Based on the popular JavaScript framework React, React Native uses code and  UI pieces written in JSX . It resembles HTML and comes with all the powers of JavaScript.


The framework offers a complete SDK to build hybrid apps. Compared to React Native, the technology stack is more flexible as Angular, Vue, or even React can be used to build multi-functional and multi-platform Ionic apps.



It enables web developers to develop Ionic apps on any modern web framework making it a clear winner in the category. 

#3. Performance

React Native

React Native framework is known to offer native-like performance. The stable framework uses native components enabling developers to build cross-platform apps delivering user experiences that will be closer to native apps. It  wraps around native components providing better performance.React Native is your go-to choice when you want natively rendering apps that are high on performance and responsiveness. 


Ideal for rapid prototyping, Ionic offers ahybrid app development approach using mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS components. Owing to numerous callbacks to the native code, you may experience performance issues. Besides, various plugins like Cordova are required to access native features making the app slower. 


Winner: React Native

React Native offers better performance than Ionic.

#4.Learning curve

React Native

React Native offers a steep learning curve to developers who don’t know React. For React developers, the concepts are more or less the same with minor differences. This in stark contrast to newbies with no React knowledge, who need to learn React and JavaScript.


Ionic offers a flexible technology stack enabling developers to use CSS, HTML and JavaScript along with any framework like  Angular, React, Knockout or Vue that they are already comfortable in developing apps. 


Winner: Ionic

In stark contrast to React Native native approach, Ionic offers a hybrid approach enabling developers to build web apps that can be converted into mobile apps. Also, the flexible tech stack allows developers to pick a framework of their choice. 

#5.Code Reusability and Testing 

Before beginning your quest to find the bestreact native mobile app development company, let us take a look at how React Native and Ionic compare with respect to code testing and reusability.

React Native

With React Native, platform-specific code needs to be re-written. Further, when it comes to code testing, a real mobile device or emulator is needed to test the code. 


The framework offers optimum code reusability. Talking about code testing, any browser can be used to test the code. 

Winner: Ionic

Clearly, Ionic is the winner in this category.

#6. Developer community

React Native

Get access to a huge number of plugins and a wide community with React Native. The community support helps easily solve issues while providing timely access to important updates. The framework also offers plugin to use PhoneGap/Cordova enabling you to use 

plugins from other communities.


It comes with PhoneGap/Cordova plugins to access native features. Ionic framework also has established community support.


Winner: React Native

Compared to Ionic, React Native has a mature and active developer community. This could be attributed to the fact that the framework uses React to build native apps.


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