How to determine custom web app development cost

Author: Jose
April 25, 2022
How to determine custom web app development cost


Imagine you are planning a family trip, but one question is barging your planning process continuously. “What will be the estimated total cost of the trip.?”

We believe most of us will agree that there are various factors that need to be considered. For instance, the price of the tickets, hotel rent, cab fare, number of places to be visited, and the list goes on.

The same formula applies while determining the custom web app development cost.

By the end of 2023, apps can generate revenue of over $935 billion. That’s impressive.

More and more businesses are building apps to enhance their customer experience.

That said, if you have come here to know the exact web application development cost, then sorry!

You won’t find one. There are various factors to be considered because the cost of a feature-rich app will be much more than a standalone app.

In this article, we will give you a deep insight into all the factors affecting the precise web application development cost breakdown, along with practical strategies.

Besides that, you will also learn what to do when your preferred individual or app development company doesn’t agree with your budget.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Factors to consider while determining the custom web app development cost

1. Scope of work

The very first factor that will influence the web app development cost is the concept and functionality of the app.

Will your business requirements be fulfilled by a standalone application, or third party integration required?

The quality of the code also plays an essential role in the web application development cost estimate.

Therefore, before finalizing the final scope of work, analyze and write down all the essential factors that will affect the app in the longer run.

2. Hiring option (the most critical factor)

Custom web app development prices can highly differ depending on the hiring options.

Commonly organizations hire among the following options to achieve their app development.

  • In-house team

  • Outsourcing company

  • Freelance professional(s)

Each option has its own pros and cons and entirely depends on your project and requirements.

3. Technicality complication factor

Do you want to develop a basic e-commerce app, or do you want social media integration, payment gateways, and much much more?

The critical thought that we want to convey here is that the web app that will have more complex features will be more complicated.

In the beginning, you may not realize that, but once you are at the table discussing the idea with your app development partner, you will get to know about it comprehensively.

4. Company size & background

Kudos on the decision that you will be going with an app development company! But do you know what companies require to create an app?

For creating a successful and exceptional web app, you will need experts like app developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, etc.

It would be best if you made sure that the company has these experts already on board and has an excellent background in the field.

To check the background of the company, you can ensure to check the portfolio of the company and testimonials.

5. Hands-on industry experience

While you are choosing between an expert and a newbie with expertise in your domain, we will strongly recommend that you go for the expert.

As they know the ins and outs of the app development process and will bring strong opinions to the table also, they will tell you more optimal ways to implement it in the app development process.

Companies with excellent hands-on experience may charge more as they possess the potential to deliver satisfied end-user results.

6. Sense of Urgency

The deadline you set has to be on the spot! The less and more extended time frame can increase the custom web app development cost.

To put it simply, if you decide on a small or big time frame, the developers can drastically increase the price of the cost as it will require more resources.

Therefore, to achieve the most cost-effective app solution, you need to set appropriate deadlines.

7. Experts involved in the team

Remember the point where we mentioned that your app development process would require various experts.

Depending on the scope of work, you need to decide on the developing team. Every project requires the expertise of different professionals.

You need dedicated experts to work in your work sphere. The dynamic team may include UX/UI designer, developer, copywriter, etc. Make sure to talk with the team involved in the app development process for a seamless process.

8. Future Support

Once you launch your app, the work is not done here! You also need to keep in mind that creating an application is just the beginning of the journey.

You will need a support team to monitor and maintain your app; to ensure there are no bugs in the app in the future.

Make sure to consider this factor before deciding on the web app development cost.

9. Additional Features included in the app

One of the significant factors that may raise the cost of the web app development cost is the number of additional functionalities you want to add.

Some features may be developed quickly, but some may need time.

Even adding a minimal additional feature like GPS will cost you a fortune.

Also, as a decision-maker, you also need to understand that with the other developing process, the features may increase or decrease.

10. Third-party integrations

Are you planning to build a simple app, or are you planning to integrate third-party tools? With more integrations, your app development process requires more investment, and it will become more expensive.

But don’t be afraid! In some cases, the integrations are much cheaper as they are ready-made solutions.

What if the individual or app development company doesn’t agree with my budget?

In some cases, the web app development cost estimate can give you nightmares. If you have been stuck in such a situation, then take the following measures.

1. Have multiple options

Don’t stick with just one company, at least select 5-8 professionals and then choose the best one for you. As different app development companies have their own rate cards.

However, go with the app development company that suits your budget.

2. Analyze the web development process

Sometimes to enhance the app, the developers may add some features, but they may not be required at that moment.

Therefore before agreeing or negotiating on the prices, first discuss the app development process.

Analyze the process and then decide whether you want the said feature or not.

3. Be open to exploring other hiring options

If hiring a group of freelancers is going out of budget, then consider hiring a company.

Don’t be ardent if your budget doesn’t allow you. Instead of decreasing or abandoning the features, try to go for substitutes.

To conclude

Now, you know how to determine the custom web app development cost.

And they don’t be overwhelmed with all these factors while estimating the web app development cost breakdown, as we are ready to offer you tailor-made, high-quality custom apps.

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