Why Apple Watch app development looks different for developers and entrepreneurs?

Author: Jose
February 2, 2016
Why Apple Watch app development looks different for developers and entrepreneurs?


Every time when the Cupertino based tech giant comes up with a new product, the whole world stands unshattered to watch out its novel solution. The same is the story of Apple Watch, a wearable device meant to take the current generation to the future generation with solutions at wrist. But, the question is whether the Apple Watch really meets the expectations of users and developers. Though the device was initially welcomed with more than the deserved hype, the current market trends show its shortfall. Whatever the stories maybe, developers are supposed to perch in front of the systems and write codes for whatever new things arrives in the market, and the entrepreneurs need to avail the latest mode of business channel to their customers. The Apple Watch has certainly ushered the developers a new space of programming.


Nevertheless the widened opportunity to explore more on a new platform, there are few certain parameters need to be followed to implement a great Apple Watch app. Things might look strange. Doesn’t matter though! It’s hardly 9 months since the advent of Apple Watch. Remember the initial days of Apple store when no Whatsapp or Persiscope was available. So, certain is the case that Apple Watch would deliver such incredible applications by developers across the world that enable solutions on demand or rather with a twist of wrist.

Let’s examine what makes Apple Watch app development a challenging plethora for developers.

Minuscule Screen Size

Its small match box sized screen is definitely the first and the major challenge for a developer. If you write codes for iPhone apps in Swift and other native languages that work in 4, 4.7 and 5.5 inched iPhones, and you guess you could do the same in an 1.54” Apple Watch, then I must say that’s hardly possible. It might be possible in the future. But, anyway it’s an impossible script at the moment. And you need to think and implement totally different here. So far, it looks like UX is the backbone of an Apple Watch app. So, developers must coordinate with UX engineers to build out an exceptional, impressive app.


Apple Watchkit

This isn’t the right time if you want some prodigious output in Apple Watch application development as it’s still years behind comparing the galloping iPhone app development. The Apple Apple Watch SDK is available with more number of limitations versus its functionalities. How things become really weird is as Apple Watchkit is not at all friendly to customize for the preference of the user. It’s something like a half-furnished rental home that you can’t modify as you wish, but just use to live!

Limitedly independent

As of now, you just can’t create apps that can work only in Apple Watch. That’s it must be an extended version of your iPhone. On the other hand, your iPhone must be connected with its paired iPhone over Bluetooth connectivity. In the absence of the paired iPhone, one can use it to do some basic functions like play music, track activities and workouts, set alarms, send and receive IMs etc. The core functionalities can be explored only when the Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone.

User Interactions

User interactions can be occurred in 4 different patterns – Simple touch, Force touch, Gesture, and Digital crown. Simple touch is a single tap to select particular option, Force touch is enabled when you tap with more force and works like right click on mouse, Gesture is for accepting and rejecting incoming calls, page navigation etc., and finally the Digital crown is a hardware input for fine tuned scrolling.


However, there is no multi-touch feature. That means you just can’t pinch to zoom to see pictures in detail. That’s certainly pathetic. In addition to it there is no custom gesture support. All you can do is wave the hand as it’s instructed by Apple. That’s it!


Apple Apple Watch comes with a tiny display in two variants. Before you design your Apple Watch app’s interface, a good look at Apple’s documentation and having a chat with an expert developer really sound great. Because, this wearable is featured with many limitations. It’s quiet simple to create innovative and incredible sketches for your Apple Watch app which are never going to be practical. So think all the way before you spinning your wheels.

Use of Icon and Keywords

You just can’t borrow the exact same app from your iPhone to the Watch. It can be coded only after a huge mode of overhauls. As the screen is comparatively too small, you could go highlighting Keywords, and icons rather than stretched sentences. This will do things.


Incredible might be the so called creation Apple Watch, that is still at infancy or rather a pathetic phase, fatuity. It neither enables access to customization nor provides essential basics in the watchkit. It’s limited to pairing with iPhones. That means you just can keep the Apple Watch inside your home if you have a Galaxy S6 or any Android device, or you could wear it to check the time! Still, many goes behind it for the puffery Apple created just the way the company has been. The future of the Apple Watch eminently relies on how Apple deploys the upcoming watchkit updates. Let’s stay tuned and see what the world’s most valuable firm gotta do.