Meet React Native app 0.62 with Flipper

Amid global pandemic,React Native app version 0.62 was released on March 26, 2020. It comes with the  support for Flipper by default.

Introducing Flipper 

Highly popular in the Android and iOS communities, Flipper is a developer tool for debugging mobile apps. In this release,  support by default has been enabled for new and existing React Native apps.

New Features 

  • Flipper provides numerous out-of-the-box features. With the Crash Reporter feature, users can view crash reports from Android and iOS devices. Besides, using Metro Actions feature users can reload the app and trigger the Dev Menu right from the toolbar. Use Network Inspector to view all of the network requests made by device applications.
  • New dark mode features

Users can now access their appearance preferences including the preferred color scheme (light or dark) using the new Appearance module.

const colorScheme = Appearance.getColorScheme();

if (colorScheme === ‘dark’) {

  // Use dark color scheme


  • Upgrade Support

In a bid to improve the upgrade helper tool introduced in the React Native version 0.61, a 

more dedicated “Upgrade-Support” has been introduced in version 0.62. A GitHub issue tracker, the all-new upgrade support enables users to submit issues specific to upgrading their projects and thereafter receive help from the community.

For more details, click here.

Debugging in a New Light

 Love for debugging is a rare trait in developers rather it is a source of frustration. Wasting time fixing this bug? I would rather build some cool stuff!  This is something we often hear from developers. 

Yet ace developers consider debugging as an invaluable tool for growth and improvement. The process tests the abilities of a developer to a great extent. It is time to embrace debugging as a learning opportunity as developers spend quite a lot of time debugging even while writing new code. Wondering how ?

There are instances when developers write new codes that don’t work on the first try and he/she has to debug and make the code work. Well, that happens often more than we would ever want to admit!

Debugging React Native Apps 

Flipper is an extensible platform for debugging iOS, Android and React Native apps. Leveraging a simple desktop interface, it helps visualize, inspect, and debug apps either running in an emulator/simulator or connected to physical development devices. 

Flipper consists of :

  • The desktop app
  • For Android and iOS-native mobile SDKs 

PS.If you are using a React Native version < 0.62 and you need to use Flipper,then add the mobile SDK to your app. For React Native 0.62 or higher, this is largely done automatically.

Other Tools Used for Debugging React Native Apps

  • The Developer Menu
  • Chrome’s DevTools
  • React Developer Tools
  • React Native Debugger
  • React Native CLI

There are numerous other tools available for debugging React Native apps. Choosing a tool largely depends on your specific project needs.

Why React Native is the best platform for Hybrid App Development?

Backed by Facebook, React Native framework comes with numerous features making it the best choice for hybrid app development. It supports both iOS & Android platforms using a single codebase,offers  compatibility with third-party apps, high performance, reusable components, hot reload, cost-effective and faster app development. To know more, read React Native App development in 2020, why?

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