MVP Mobile App Development: An Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing your MVP

Author: Sara Sharma
June 16, 2022
MVP Mobile App Development: An Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing your MVP


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a term familiar to the business world. It is all about planning, testing, and launching a minimum viable product to understand and discover what works for your audience.

MVP mobile apps are a great way to build an initial relationship with your customers and thrive in your industry.

Your logical approach after coming up with an idea for a mobile app MVP will be to hire a mobile app development company to build the app.

In the next session, we will list down what an MVP is and why build an MVP?

What is MVP in app development?

MVP is your early-stage product where you input only the essentials and important features. This will reduce the expense and investment considerably and help you give an understanding of what you intend with the product to your stakeholders and users. MVP app development doesn't take much time.

Initially, it gives you a minimum viable product app to test and analyze the market. After getting a great response from the early adopters, you can go on by adding new features and products.

Definition: MVP in mobile app development is a development method where initially, you only deploy core functionalities to cater for a specific problem and serve early adopters.

To put it simply, MVP is the minimum viable product app that you offer to the customers to get a validation of your idea and move forward by building the final product.

Now, you know what MVP is and how it works!

Let's now understand how leveraging app development outsourcing can grow your business exponentially.

Why build an MVP mobile app?

The ultimate goal of building an MVP is to showcase a working product that will display its quality, value, and purpose while reducing the cost exponentially. An MVP will help the audience understand what your concepts are and how good they can be.

An MVP undergoes several stages of iterations after launch to become an effective mobile app. An MVP app development will also disclose the future potential of your business.

It can attract stakeholders and partners. Startups opt for MVP app development outsourcing or building to look for investors, stakeholders, and partners.

The ultimate goal of MVP app development is to deliver a basic functionality that will essentially solve a particular audience's pain point.

Such a holistic approach to building MVP apps includes numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits of MVP mobile apps:

Development With Minimum Risk

The core benefit of MVP mobile app development is that it comes with minimum risk. Let us explain.

A sophisticated, feature-rich app will take years to be built and also requires lots of time and effort.

Therefore it is crucial to building MVP apps at the initial stage.

Flexibility In Updates

MVP mobile apps are flexible, i.e. the possibility of them being exceptionally responsive is higher.

The MVP process creates a space for updates and new features that the audience can benefit from.

Gives Time To Understand The Customer

Feedback from the early adopters is the primary benefit of MVP mobile app development, as valuable feedback is much more helpful than the assumptions.

MVP Examples

Let us consider real-life examples to understand what MVP in app development is.

1. Amazon

In 1994, Jeff started selling books online by opening a virtual bookstore. After experiencing massive success in 1998, he added CDs and videos to his e-store.

The high sales meant that scalability would make sense. Thus adding more products to the store and acquiring a warehouse was worth it.

That's how Amazon's MVP was born.

Now, Amazon is an e-commerce leader and caters to customers worldwide.

2. Airbnb

The founders started renting out their own apartments to earn a side income.

Once they got the clarity that travelers are opting to rent home/room stays to save money on accommodation, the platform grew to become a $70.02B business.

That's how MVP works. MVP apps give you an idea to grow the business exponentially.

Step-By-Step Approach To Building Mvp Apps

Here is a step-by-step approach to accomplish effective MVP mobile apps.

Step #1 Conduct Market Research

Business doesn't work on assumptions. Before you embark on the idea of starting MVP application development, go out and know your audience.

The more informed you are about your audience, the more likely you are to build an effective MVP mobile app.

Step #2 Ideate And Map Out Things

Once you have got the information, use it to form a strategy for building an MVP app.

The pain point of the audience should be the value proposition of the app.

Also, the design process also plays a vital role in the MVP mobile app development process.

Step #3 Prepare A Prototype Solution

You might be wondering why you need a prototype for an MVP app. Well, you need to test and analyze before launching the app to the market.

It will validate the functionalities and let you get early feedback.

Step #4 Get MVP Features Ready

The entire point of MVP mobile app development is to have the essential features to get validation from the early adopters. Therefore, try to include all the high-priority features in the app.

Step #5 Launch The App

Once you are ready with the main features and have got an idea about the market, get your MVP app development process started and launch your MVP mobile app to the market.

Reasons To Outsource Your MVP Mobile App Development In 2022

If you want to get a competitive edge over your competitors, then outsourcing the MVP app development process is the key to success.

Read on to know why outsourcing MVP mobile app development is a good idea in 2022.

The faster MVP app development process

Hiring a team of in-house professionals requires a considerable amount of time. From scrutinizing the portfolios to finalizing the candidates, the recruitment process can take months. Also, mind you, training these personnel will also require time.

Yes, so much time wastage!

Instead, hiring an ideal MVP mobile app development company to outsource the app development process.

It will eliminate the hiring process and allow you to focus on the development process directly. It speeds up the development process by giving you the liberty to work with a large pool of professional developers.

Lowered cost of development

What is the first thing you consider during mobile application development?

It is definitely the app development cost.

You must have set a mobile app development budget and without a doubt outsourcing your app development process will promise you low-cost mobile app development.

MVP app development cost is much lesser than the regular app development cost.

Therefore, as you collaborate with an outsource app development company, they will provide you with a crystal clear budget without any hidden costs.

Now it's your call whether you want to increase or decrease the budget. With the saved money, you can invest in the other verticals of the business.

Time saver

If you don't have an entire team of developers already, you need to start from scratch.

Outsourcing your app development to a well-knit time of developers is a better option as it saves both time and money.

Ultimately key here is to find a reliable outsource app development company that has the experience to deliver exceptional results.

Less Stress

By hiring an outsource app development company, you can decrease a substantial amount of stress. You will have a partner who will share the journey.

It is evident as you're alienated from the developing field, you won't have many ideas about the niche. Thus you can ask various questions from the MVP application development professionals about the MVP app development.

The mobile app development company can help you make informed decisions that will help you to build a robust app.

Seamless support

All the outsourced teams offer you 24*7 round-the-clock support. The agreement you sign finalizing the deal holds the provision of constant support.

Therefore be assured and get in touch with technical executives as soon as you seek technical guidance.

Expertise From Better Technical Talent

Considering the restrained budget, it will be impossible for you to onboard skills and experiences that could bring quality results.

Well, with outsourcing, you can get access to a much bigger pool of talented professionals. They will render their services to you without you taking care of tasks like healthcare and employee benefits.

High efficiency and innovation

When a task is not your company's core competency, evidently, it will take a longer time to get completed. However, by outsourcing, you can get results that are up to par.

Outsource app development ensures experience, quick turnaround time, cost efficiency and much more. Mobile app development companies allow you to focus on your core competencies and increase overall efficiency.

Futuristic Approach

Outsourcing your app development process can help you accelerate the change within your organization. Along with expertise, they will also bring ideas to the table.

It is obvious you will need to add more features to your MVP app in the future.

App development companies will help you to integrate future technologies like IoT and AI/ML into your app as they have the technical expertise to design mobile applications with a futuristic approach that would trigger the surge in traffic.

Better equipment without spending a penny

The MVP mobile app development cost does not only include the development cost. It also encapsulates the equipment cost.

But by outsourcing, you leverage not only the skills but also the equipment.

Effective scaling

Perse, you have already developed an MVP mobile app, but now you want to scale it. At some point in time, you would need to hire more resources to grow your app.

Fortunately, MVP app development companies can take away the rehiring problem. They already have experts who are ready to grow and scale your app.


Outsourcing MVP mobile app development may seem like a daunting task. However, with the right partner, it will be a piece of cake.

If you are ready to outsource your MVP app development project, then get in touch with our experts today!