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Progressive Web Apps

The internet is the biggest base for technologies in the world. Even with the immense reach by responsive mobile apps, people returning to a website in mobile are very slim as typing out URLs might be cumbersome. But what if you could give a native app-like experience for your website? This experience is made possible due to the advancement of the qualities and capabilities of the progressive web apps.

The web apps can adapt themselves to any device or browser. They are easily discovered by search engines and also capable of working offline. Customers would have a rich and engaging user experience if they could easily install the web app to the home screen. The aim is not to get them to install apps but to use the service provided.

At Toobler, we are a progressive web app development company that provides the best progressive web application development services to deliver feature-rich web apps that don’t require an app store. We take care to build progressive web applications with the latest technologies and advancements to better your business goals.

How it's Done

The application shell architecture in Progressive web apps is what helps to load data instantly on the user interface. It needs the least amount of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to run and gets cached offline for better performance or repeated visits. The three technical requirements needed are HTTPS, web manifest, service worker with offline caching. While HTTPS provides security and encryption, the web manifest is a JSON file the browser loads in the background.

The service worker allows the application to work offline. The service worker provides the technical background for the features like push notifications, engaging offline experiences and periodic background sync to depend on. This is where the expertise of a PWA app development company like us comes to importance. We help you build a service worker, as the application gets complicated, so does the creation of a solid caching strategy and workflow.

Progressive web apps
Progressive web app service
What We Use

Some of the most popular frameworks and tools we use in our progressive web app service include Angular JS, React JS, Ionic, Amp, etc. As these already exist in  JavaScript framework application generators, support for PWA features is not an issue at all. AngularJS is one of the most popular front-end web application platforms for progressive web apps. While Angular is run by Google, React JS is managed by Facebook. Ionic is another popular framework for building progressive web apps as it has features like free open-source, cross-platform and one-code base, rich UI and has powerful functionalities too.

Building applications with new front-end technologies while still maintaining back-end is one of the latest trends in software development. This shift makes existing applications faster, smoother and more engaging for its users.

  • Low data usage.
  • No updates required.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Great for SEO.
  • Native app-like experience.
  • Delivers great business results.
Progressive web app development

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