Rapid Application Development Services

A process that’s agile, accelerated and flexible.

Rapid Application Development Services

Agility is the buzzword today and stands immensely true when it comes to rapid mobile app development. Not every brand has the leisure of six months to a year for launching apps in this fast-paced market. Hence, we have adopted a Rapid Application Development (RAD) process to provide you with rapid app development services that enables you to develop sophisticated applications faster, without compromising on quality. This low-code mobile app development model utilizes the core principles of lean startup methodology – Build, Measure, and Learn to Decrease – Cost, Waste, and Effort.

Minimized planning and intensified prototyping was one of the core tactics we used to adhere to the Rapid Application Development (RAD) process. Here, the development was quick enough to adapt with the constantly changing user requirements. User changes are incessantly unified into the design process and rapidly reiterated before the application launch.

Rapid application development services provide the ability to regularly amass customer feedback and lessen the development time with the help of our 1000+ Pre-build components and modular libraries. Ultimately it allows our team to facilitate quick delivery within a short time.

How it Works

Being a pioneer rapid app development company, we ensure speed by using DevOps tools along with iterative development and recurrent prototyping through RAD. In addition, we heavily rely on the right blend of tools and automation to make app development easier by cutting out unnecessary overheads like manual testing and Infrastructure management.

Using prototyping and iterations, RAD allows customers to visualise the application based on the functional requirements gathered. With a clear understanding of the application functionality, the possibilities of errors and/or scope for improvement are identified way earlier in the workflow which will thus equip our team to minimise the development time.

Rapid application development
Rapid Application Development Services
What we use

Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) process runs on a Lean Methodology, that adopts a DevOps culture, reducing the barriers to deliver more value to the customer aligned with a limited time & budget.

With the help of Continuous Integration and Delivery tools, the iterations are tested and deployed much faster and using the advanced collaboration tools stakeholders are well informed about the project timeline.

  • Build applications faster keeping costs low.
  • Flexible change management across the SDLC.
  • CI/CD to ensure faster deployment.
  • Devops enabled infrastructure.
  • Delivery pipeline automated, verified and governed for speed and efficiency.
Rapid app development company

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