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Single and Hybrid Development

Applications made with the Single Page Application Development process perform much faster than traditional web apps as they execute the logic in the web browser rather than on the server. After the initial page load, the required data alone is sent back and forth instead of the entire HTML. This process reduces the bandwidth, making the pages in web applications load quickly and easily.

The hybrid single page application development takes the best from both the approaches, single and multiple page applications, to minimize the disadvantages. All this comes down to the level of knowledge needed to work on for different frameworks, their features, and technologies. We offer this expertise and knowledge in our hybrid single page application development services.

For SPA developers, the deployment, debugging and development processes are a lot easier. These require little server-side coding and deployed to a server like a typical web page.   Hybrid applications is for those who require the speed that comes with the SPA model when delivering a full range of content. SPAs provide an outstanding experience for its end user while saving money and time for our customers.

How it's done

Traditionally, the entire content and data are sent from the server to the browser. But in single page web applications, page rendering is transferred from the server to the client. This enables the page to be dynamically rewritten rather than have an entire reload, making the pages a lot faster. In the SPA, the server doesn’t send any more HTML codes after the initial page load. Instead, it sends a shell page for the browser to render the user interface (UI).

As the user interacts with the page, the SPA sends back requests for the data and markup, while the server shoots the raw data that the browser renders the updated UI. The SPAs build in one language will work perfectly with the back-end services developed in different languages.

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Single page app development services
What we use

Single page application is made possible with the rise in popularity for Javascript and its usability in different frameworks. There is a wide range of SPA frameworks for the developers to choose from. At Toobler, we are one of the leading custom software development companies and provide single page app development services, using some of the popular frameworks like AngularJS, React, MeteorJS, etc to exceed client expectations. AngularJS, one of the most popular SPAs, has a large amount of built-in functionality and requires little-written code. An Angular application can be easily maintained and scaled.

React has a powerful library that makes it easier to build applications including SPA. With features like these, our in-house spa web development teams will work efficiently to build amazing applications.

  • Agile and crisp user-experience.
  • Uncomplicated to develop and deploy.
  • Decreases the page load-time.
  • Can be relayed to a mobile app by using the same back-end code.
  • Effortless to debug.
Single page web applications

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