What are the main factors that affect the cost?

Below is a list of main factors that affect the app development cost.

#1. Who is building your app?

You can hire:

  • Freelance developer

  • App development agency

  • Big corporations

Each approach has its own pros and cons. 

A freelance developer

Hiring a freelance developer is the least expensive option. By choosing to spend  about $10,000, you can easily find freelance developers. Despite the cost advantage, there are some risks associated with this model. As they handle numerous projects simultaneously, there are all the chances that you may not get their best effort. Besides, communication gaps, quality of services, lack of reliability regarding delivery deadlines, limited accountability and transparency are some other risks. 

App development agency

Choosing an app development agency definitely comes with a bigger cost but gives you a better  sense of security and confidence. The agencies cover the full app development lifecycle while catering the project management needs. Thus, ensuring transparency and timely delivery. Apps built by such agencies can cost anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000.

Big corporations

If you are willing to spend upwards of $100,000, you can hire big corporations to work on your app development project. The higher prices are associated with the services provided by a highly skilled and experienced team of developers working solely on your project.

#2. What type of app are you building?

The complexity of your app has a direct impact on the cost, regardless of who builds it. The cost of developing an app depends on factors like the duration of the project, features, expertise,  number of resources, vendor reputation, etc. 

The average cost for building:

Simple Apps

With no API integration, standard UI components, simple features like social login, calendar, etc. Can cost between $3000-$8000.

Moderate Apps

These apps come with API integration, custom UI features, payment features, back-end server,etc. Can cost between $50,000-$150,000.

Complex Apps

Come with multi-language support, real-time features.complicated back-end, 3rd-party integrations. Can cost between $10,000-$250,000.

#3. Platform you choose for the app

The  choice of platform significantly influences your app development cost.

Native Apps

If you aim  to provide the best user experience with access to device hardware/software features, go for native app development. You need to be prepared to spend closer to $100,000. Native apps come at a cost!

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps on the other hand are much less expensive and allow businesses to launch apps on both Android and Apple platforms simultaneously. With faster development cycles and time-to-market, get ready to spend close to $50,000

#4. Other costs associated with web app development

When it comes to app development, it is not all about developers. You will be hiring 

                                        Hourly cost 

  • Project manager                              $15 – $70   

  • UI/UX designer                                $20 – $60

  • QA engineer                                    $18 – $60

  • System administrator                       $18 – $60

  • Copy Writers                                    $18 – $60

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