20 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2023 For Startups & Students

Author: Nishanth PK
January 13, 2023
20 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2023 For Startups & Students


You go for takeout and pay through your mobile.

You order food through your mobile app, and half an hour later, your food is delivered home.

You can do the shopping for literally anything within the comforts of your house.

Mobile apps have revolutionized our lives and made them more accessible. With digitalization in full swing, mobile apps will be a crucial part of the digital future.

If you want a promising mobile app idea to work on, this blog is for you. We will discuss 20 mobile app ideas, ideal for both startups and students.

A note on ideation

An idea is a cornerstone on which a business is built. If you have a unique idea, the chances for you to succeed in the market are higher.

So, the obvious question is - How to make my business idea or mobile app idea unique?

Well, the base of every business idea or, let’s say, a mobile app idea is to solve an existing problem in the market. Follow these simple steps to ideate your app ideas,

  • Do extensive market research

  • Find the problems experienced by the customers in the market

  • Conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis and see who is trying to solve these problems and how they are doing it.

  • List out the problems experienced by the most and with the least number of competitors

  • Come up with a good solution for that problem

Et voila. You have yourself a unique idea to work on.

Best profitable mobile app ideas for Startups in 2023

The following are some of the best app ideas collected by our market research experts. Go through the list and see if you find the ideal one to start your business.

1. Telemedicine app

Imagine providing an opportunity for people to get appointments with doctors, physicians and nurses within fingertip reach, conduct online therapies, have medicines delivered at home and more.

You are no more waiting in queues or travelling to the clinic for minor symptoms and constant availability of medicines. Instead, your telemedicine app can book appointments, have an online video chat with doctors about your concerns, and get a quick remedy.

2. Restaurant POS app

Top 20 mobile app ideas to look for in 2023

Point Of Sale or simply POS apps in restaurants are starting to make some shifts in the market. These apps allow a restaurant to track incoming orders through a phone call efficiently, direct contact or food delivery apps.

Although there are apps in the market like PetPooja, Foaps etc., the local market is low in competition.

3. Parking space finder app

We all know the headache of finding a parking lot or a space in a city. However, a parking space finder app can avoid the frustrating minutes of rolling down the road searching for a parking spot.

Leveraging digital technologies and local GPS, you can develop a mobile app to help drivers locate the nearest parking spot quickly, saving them time, fuel and energy.

4. Railway tracking app

Track railway working hours, book tickets, cancel tickets, set timers for train arrivals and more. Whatever the commuters want, the app has it.

You can help commuters with their mundane chores by developing a state-of-the-art railway tracking app.

5. Virtual shopping assistant app

There are countless online shopping apps available now, with offers and discounts. And it is no secret that buyers will juggle between these apps to see which is offering the best deals.

Now imagine your virtual shopping assistant app; it collects an item's details from all online shopping apps and portrays it all simultaneously. As a result, the buyers can differentiate the offers/discounts and select the best deal.

Top 20 mobile app ideas to look for in 2023

6. Tenant finding app

Finding tenants that agree with a building manager's terms and conditions is hard, especially when finalizing the rent. But what if your app can help solve this problem?

Your tenant finding app can make it easier for building managers to collect information, scrutinize and select eligible tenants for their building.

7. Travel app

Imagine yourself as a tourist. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to know what you should be doing or where you should be going when you are abroad?

Your travel app will provide just that. What are the hotspots to visit, the foods you should try, the best place to stay and more? Though some apps help with finding places to stay, there aren’t many apps in the market that provide such services. So yours could be a real winner.

8. Voice translation app

Our world is becoming more diverse than ever. We meet people from all over the world, or we visit another country where the first language is not something you know. In such instances, such mobile apps can be a real lifesaver.

Ideally, these apps are more suitable for countries like India, where people speak multiple languages.

9. Handyman app

Want to fix a broken pipe? You could redo the tiles—or some furnishing. Whatever the case, a mobile app that can provide on-demand services for any handyperson works is a problem solver.

The market is still dormant for this kind of app, but with the digital future, it will be a good investment.

10. Money management app

We all know complex money management is, and most people are even learning money management to stabilize their life.

But what if you present them with your money management app? Your app could help them track the expenditure, provide insights into where they are spending more, etc.

Top 20 mobile app ideas to look for in 2023

11. Waitlist app

Waitlist apps allow customers to book seats at restaurants and give accurate information on the time of arrival, which means no waiting outside restaurants for seats. Instead, arrive at the given time and go straight to dinner.

12. Fitness app

I don’t think this one needs any introduction. The initial jump for these mobile apps started in 2020 when the whole world was inside their home. But with employees worldwide still working from home, there is still demand for fitness apps.

Be different from the rest of the apps that show the workouts to be done and provide more value to stay atop the competitors.

13. Consultation app

A subset of the telemedicine app focuses on one thing: consultation. Book online consultations and check your health from the comfort of your house.

14. Interior design app

Have you ever wondered how a piece of new furniture would look in your house before buying it? Well, we can solve this problem with your interior design app.

With the power of virtual reality, your app can show real-time how new furniture, per se, will look in a house. Thereby helping the customers make smarter buying choices.

 Top 20 mobile app ideas to look for in 2023

15. On-demand Car Wash app

Get your car cleaned when a customer wants it with your on-demand car wash app—no more driving up to shops and calls to book a car wash. Instead, everything will be available at customers’ fingertips.

What are some good mobile app ideas for students?

16. Language learning app

A learning app that helps students learn new languages through interactive sessions and exercises is an excellent mobile app idea for your business.

Of course, there are such apps present in the market. But the only app that genuinely achieved success here is Duolingo. So, your language learning app has a chance to compete for the top position.

17. Study planner app

Revising chapters, finishing assignments, conducting research and more, your study planner app could help students stay on track with their studies and perform well.

18. Tutor app

With your tutor app, help students connect with qualified tutors in the area. The app will prioritize student needs like subject, availability, location, etc., and book the right tutor.

19. Audiobook app

Fact - one will understand better by listening than reading.

Leverage this fact and create your audiobook app for students. Then, they can listen to the lectures, chapters, essays, etc., and better understand their subjects, thereby performing well on exams.

Top 20 mobile app ideas to look for in 2023

20. AR-based learning app

Only some have equal imagination power, especially in this digital era where digital technologies aid most activities. So, why should it be any different for learning?

With an AR-based learning app, a teacher can explain a topic through visual guidance and help students grasp the subject in detail.


With over 6 billion smartphone users present across the world, and the fact that 88% of the time, these users spend their time on apps, there is no doubt that a mobile app is ideal for a business.

If you already have an idea, then make sure that the idea solves an existing problem in the market and has low competition. And if you find any of the 20 mobile app ideas we discussed here, contact us to learn more about development cost, tech stack and app development itself.

Outsourcing your app development to the right mobile app development company will be your best choice because;

  • Have industry experience and expertise

  • Experienced development team

  • Proper team management put in place

  • Timely delivery of the product

  • Help improve the product with experience

  • And more.