Top 10 IoT Service Providers in Healthcare Industry

December 21, 2023
Top 10 IoT Service Providers in Healthcare Industry

The digital revolution in the healthcare sector has been nothing short of transformative. And at the forefront of this change are advanced IoT technologies. 

The technology paved the way for innovative solutions and improved healthcare outcomes. Improved patient care, improved efficiency and safety, and reduced costs are few to point out. 

The tech is already making rows in the US and Canada and is growing in Southeast Asian countries and Australia. And it is estimated that IoT in the healthcare market will climb from $127 billion in 2023 to $289 billion in 2028. 

Source: IoT in Healthcare Market Size Report, 2030 

So if you are someone representing a healthcare organization in looking for IoT service providers, then this blog is for you. We will discuss each healthcare IoT company's key offerings, innovations, and how they can help. 

Let's dive in!

How Do IoT Services Help Healthcare Industries to Maximize ROI?

Before going into the central part of the guide, it would be helpful to understand how IoT healthcare devices help healthcare industries maximize their ROI. So here are the top ways IoT service providers can benefit healthcare industries.

1. Improved Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

IoT devices like wearable gadgets can track vital signs and share data with healthcare professionals in real time, enabling them to diagnose acute diseases and provide treatment quickly. Moreover, IoT medical devices such as capsule endoscopies can give a clear picture of the patient's digestive tract in detail and help doctors detect infections and abnormalities.

2. Process Automation

The IoT in healthcare can automate several tasks and save time and money. For example, the automated inventory management system of IoT medical devices can manage the inventory of medical supplies and equipment, reducing the manual effort of regular checking. 

In addition, automated medication dispensing can keep track of patients' medical schedules and alert them when it's time to take medicines. As a result, healthcare professionals can invest their time in more critical tasks

3. Preventive Maintenance of Medical Equipment

IoT sensors can be embedded in medical equipment to monitor their performance continuously. The data retrieved from the sensors help predict maintenance needs and prevent potential costly breakdowns. As a result, it reduces equipment downtime and associated expenses. 

4. Personalized Healthcare

When integrated with electronic health records (EHRs) and other patient data, IoT data can provide a comprehensive view of individual health. This allows healthcare providers to offer personalized treatment plans, leading to better outcomes. 

5. Early Disease Detection and Intervention

IoT-based health monitoring can detect early warning signs of diseases. This enables timely intervention and prevents costly treatments in later stages.

While there is an upfront cost for implementing IoT, the potential savings and improved patient outcomes offer a good ROI. Furthermore, as the technology evolves, this initial cost is likely to decrease, making IoT more financially attractive. 

Now that's covered, let's see who all are the top healthcare IoT companies.

Top 10 Healthcare IoT Companies to Maximize ROI

1. Toobler

  • Avg. Hourly Rate - $25 - $49 / hr 

  • Minimum Project Size - $25,000+

Toobler is undoubtedly one of the top healthcare IoT companies due to many reasons:

  • They offer world-class IoT app development services for various industries across the planet, including healthcare.

  • Toobler's feature-packed IoT services can be used for remote patient monitoring, inventory management, and collecting and analyzing medical data.

  • Toobler's robust IoT services let you manage and transfer large amounts of healthcare data, eventually saving you time and effort.

Discover the IoT solutions offered by Toobler:

The benefits don't just end here! Toobler's IoT ecosystem allows usage and control from any device, location, or timezone using intelligent gadgets. So using Toobler's IoT services, healthcare industries can reduce operational costs and improve patient outcomes with enhanced safety and security.

In addition to IoT, Toobler helps healthcare organizations with digital twin solutions. Follow the link to learn about the role of digital twins in healthcare.

Key Services Offered by Toobler

  • Custom IoT solutions

  • Mobile App Development

  • Cloud Migration

  • Web App Development

  • React Native App Development

  • Digital Twin Solutions

IoT Projects Undertaken by Toobler 

The Smart Bin is an IoT-based automation solution tailored for advanced manufacturing setups. It aims to streamline inventory management through the use of gateways and a variety of IoT devices. 

The initiative included introducing an automated inventory management system that operates in real time. This system significantly increased the efficiency of managing stock levels in the warehouse while providing the client with comprehensive insights into their supply chain processes. 

With the help of the ThingSpine platform, Toobler swiftly created a tailor-made IoT solution for this client. This customization facilitated real-time inventory tracking and prompt responses to stock variations. 

The team has made an agile approach to this project, given the extremely tight timeframe for completion. In doing so, they managed to build a solution that was not only scalable and secure but also dependable.

What business benefits did the client achieve with the app?  

  • Material replenishment time was reduced by 60%  

  • Warehouse inventory management efficiency improved by 45%  

  • Deployed in facilities of more than 9,000 square meters.


  • Avg. Hourly Rate - $50 - $99 / hr 

  • Minimum Project Size - $25,000+

Founded in 2015, LANARS is a European-based healthcare IoT company. They specialize in providing cloud-based services and wireless solutions for connected health systems. Their key offerings include but are not limited to patient monitoring systems, remote diagnostics, and telemedicine. With their IoT solutions, they help drive better outcomes and improved efficiency in healthcare organizations.  

Key Services Offered by Lanars

  • IoT and IIoT

  • Mobile App Development

  • Web Development

3. Honeywell Life Care Solutions

  • Avg. Hourly Rate -Undisclosed  

  • Minimum Project Size - Undisclosed

Honeywell Life Care Solutions is one of the leading IoT development companies in the healthcare industry. So if you wish to streamline clinical workflows, their advanced IoT solutions will always satisfy you. The company seeks to help healthcare professionals run their businesses efficiently, with improved patient care and medical asset management. 

Key Services Offered by Honeywell Life Care Solutions

  • Connected Care Solutions

  • Remote Device Management

  • Medical Asset Management

4.  ScienceSoft

  • Avg. Hourly Rate - $25 - $49 / hr 

  • Minimum Project Size - $25,000+

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is an IT consulting and software development company. But when it comes to healthcare, they have built IoT-based health apps and telemedicine software.

Also, their offerings include information systems for medical records, patient registration, and prescription management. Thus making it another medical IoT company to look into. 

Key Services Offered by ScienceSoft

  • Software Development 

  • Web Development 

  • Mobile App Development 

  • Testing and QA Application Services 

  • UI/UX Design 

  • Infrastructure Services 

5. Siemens AG

  • Avg. Hourly Rate -Undisclosed  

  • Minimum Project Size - Undisclosed

Siemens AG is a German technology giant and a leading service provider of IoT in healthcare. They offer a variety of IoT medical devices to optimize operations, improve patient outcomes, and predict equipment failure. 

They have also developed cloud-based open IoT solutions to help connect medical assets and collect data, helping professionals analyze data better. Thus making them an all-rounder in providing IoT in healthcare

Key IoT Services Offered by Siemens AG

  • MindSphere: A cloud-based operating system

  • Digital Twins: A virtual representation of a physical asset

  • Asset management

  • Smart buildings and infrastructure

6. GE Healthcare

  • Avg. Hourly Rate -Undisclosed  

  • Minimum Project Size - Undisclosed

GE Healthcare was founded in 1892, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, GE Healthcare has been providing technology and services to healthcare by leveraging the power of IoT. It also offers popular IoT solutions, such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and wearable devices. 

Also, GE Healthcare is known for its commitment, quality, and security, making them one of the best IoT healthcare companies. 

Key IoT Services Offered by GE Healthcare

  • IoT-powered wearable devices and sensors

  • Clinical analytics

  • IoT-enabled imaging and diagnostic solutions

  • Patient engagement and education with IoT

7. Oracle Cerner 

  • Avg. Hourly Rate - Undisclosed 

  • Minimum Project Size - Undisclosed

Formally known as Cerner Corporation, Oracle Cerner is a multinational company that provides different types of services for the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 1979, and they have a long history of serving healthcare, optimizing workflow, and improving patient outcomes. 

As of June 2022, the company was officially acquired by Oracle. 

The company offers IoT technologies such as wearable devices, sensors, and telehealth to ease the workload of healthcare providers. Their high-quality services are used by numerous healthcare industries worldwide, making them an essential player in the IoT market. 

Key IoT Services Offered by Cerner Corporation

  • IoT devices and sensors

  • Telehealth

  • Clinical decision support

  • Asset tracking

8. CONTUS Tech

CONTUS Tech Homepage

  • Avg. Hourly Rate - $25 - $49

  • Minimum Project Size - $5,000

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in the USA, CONTUS specializes in IoT application development. They offer a range of highly accurate and customized IoT solutions, including automated clinical workflows, remote patient monitoring systems, wearable devices for monitoring patient vitals, and IoT applications designed to assess, treat, and manage healthcare facilities. 

Additionally, they utilize IoT-based bespoke frameworks to develop tailored applications for diverse healthcare sectors.

Key IoT Services Offered by CONTUS Tech

  • IoT Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • Custom Software Development

  • Wearable App Development

9. OSP Labs

OSP Labs Homepage

  • Avg. Hourly Rate - Undisclosed

  • Minimum Project Size - Undisclosed

OSP is a dynamic company specializing in healthcare technology solutions. With over 13 years of experience, OSP has served over 200 clients. They offer a range of services including healthcare software development, product development, solutions enhancement, mHealth development, robotic process automation, and EHR integration.

OSP stands out for its commitment to solving healthcare problems through advanced technology, creating value for all stakeholders involved. 

Key IoT Services Offered by OSP Labs

  • Building customized APIs

  • Clinical analytics

  • Product development

  • Robotic process automation

10. Pattem Digital Technologies

Pattem Digital Technologies Homepage

  • Avg. Hourly Rate - $25 - $49

  • Minimum Project Size - $5,000

Founded in 2017, Pattem Digital Technologies, a leading software development firm, specializes in integrated healthcare IoT solutions. Renowned for their smart healthcare solutions, they employ award-winning strategies and techniques. As an IoT healthcare app development company, Pattem Digital Technologies delivers highly accurate data and crafts optimal treatment solutions.

Key IoT Services Offered by Pattem Digital Technologies

  • Developing remote patient monitoring systems

  • Cloud computing data systems

  • IoT Development

  • Web Development

Final Thoughts

The rise of the IoT in healthcare has been undeniable. The technology enables healthcare providers to become more effective and efficient. Therefore, healthcare organizations must not overlook the potential benefits IoT can bring. 

With the right healthcare IoT company, healthcare organizations can better diagnose and treat patients. And yes, the key is finding the right tech partner.  

The companies shortlisted have their methodologies, and understanding whether they are fit for you can be tricky. That's why we have listed the 9 questions you can ask to select the ideal IoT service provider

Get in contact with each of the companies listed and ask these questions. The answers will certainly help you identify the right company for your organization. 

Follow the link to connect with the first one on the list. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the list!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are Healthcare IoT Companies?

Healthcare IoT companies specialize in integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology into healthcare applications. They provide solutions like remote patient monitoring, wearable health devices, and automated healthcare systems to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

Q2. How Do IoT Solutions Benefit the Healthcare Industry?

IoT solutions in healthcare offer numerous benefits, including improved patient diagnosis and treatment, process automation, preventive maintenance of medical equipment, personalized healthcare, and early disease detection. These advancements lead to better patient outcomes and operational cost savings.

Q3. What Should I Look for in a Healthcare IoT Service Provider?

When selecting a healthcare IoT service provider, consider their experience, range of services, minimum project size, client testimonials, and specific expertise in healthcare IoT solutions. Ensure they align with your healthcare organization's needs and objectives.

Q4. Can IoT in Healthcare Help in Reducing Operational Costs?

Yes, IoT in healthcare can significantly reduce operational costs. By automating processes, improving inventory management, and enabling remote patient monitoring, IoT solutions can save time and resources, thereby reducing overall expenses.

Q5. What are Some Key IoT Services Offered by Top Healthcare IoT Companies?

Top healthcare IoT companies offer a variety of services, including custom IoT solutions, mobile and web app development, cloud migration, digital twin solutions, clinical analytics, and robotic process automation. These services are tailored to enhance healthcare delivery and management.