Top 7 IoT Service Providers to Maximise ROI in Healthcare Industry in 2023

February 6, 2023
Top 7 IoT Service Providers to Maximise ROI in Healthcare Industry in 2023


Did you know IoT has tremendous potential to change how healthcare professionals work? Using different kinds of technologies in industries is common these days. However, IoT in healthcare is a global phenomenon that is increasing. It has helped healthcare professionals bring many changes and improvements in how they diagnose and treat patients. The primary benefits of IoT in healthcare are improved patient care, improved efficiency and safety, and reduced costs. With IoT medical devices like wearable gadgets, sensors, and equipment, healthcare professionals can access real-time patient data to enhance patient care.

So today, we will look at some of the best IoT service providers to maximize ROI in the healthcare industry.

How Do IoT Services Help Healthcare Industries to Maximise ROI?

Before going into the central part of the guide, it would be helpful to understand how IoT healthcare devices help healthcare industries maximize their ROI. So here are the top ways IoT service providers can benefit healthcare industries.

1. Improved Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

IoT devices like wearable gadgets can track vital signs and share data with healthcare professionals in real-time, enabling them to diagnose acute diseases and provide treatment quickly. Moreover, IoT medical devices such as capsule endoscopies can give a clear picture of the patient's digestive tract in detail and help doctors detect infections and abnormalities.

2. Process Automation

The Internet of things in healthcare can automate several tasks and save time and money. For example, the automated inventory management system of IoT medical devices can manage the inventory of medical supplies and equipment, reducing the manual effort of regular checking. In addition, automated medication dispensing can keep track of patients' medical schedules and alert them when it's time to take medicines. As a result, healthcare professionals can invest their time in more critical tasks.

3. Improved Patient Experience

IoT medical devices allow patients to access their health information from anywhere. As a result, patients can quickly check their test results, medication schedules, and appointments without fail. Moreover, using IoT healthcare devices, patients can communicate with their healthcare providers without going to hospitals. In this way, healthcare units can improve patient experience and satisfaction.

4. Predictive Maintenance

IoT-enabled sensors can effectively monitor medical equipment such as CT scanners and MRI machines. You can also watch the performance and life of the equipment, allowing you to detect potential problems at the earliest. As a result, you can plan maintenance activities more efficiently, reduce machine downtime and improve machine life.

5. Better Data Allocation

As you know, healthcare professionals have to collect and manage large quantities of data such as patient details, medical records, data related to medicine and equipment inventory, etc. IoT healthcare devices help you quickly collect data from different sources, such as medical devices, wearable devices, electronic health records, etc. You can also collect data in real-time and store it in a centralized location for easy access.

Top 7 IoT Service Providers to Maximise ROI in Healthcare Industry

1. Toobler

Toobler is undoubtedly one of the top IoT companies due to many reasons:

  • They offer world-class IoT app development services for various industries across the planet, including healthcare.

  • Toobler's feature-packed IoT services can be used for remote patient monitoring, inventory management, and collecting and analyzing medical data.

  • Toobler's robust IoT services let you manage and transfer large amounts of healthcare data, eventually saving you time and effort.

The benefits don't just end here! Toobler's IoT ecosystem allows usage and control from any device, location, or timezone using intelligent gadgets. So using Toobler's IoT services, healthcare industries can reduce operational costs and improve patient outcomes with enhanced safety and security.

IoT Services Offered by Toobler

  • IoT web application development

  • Custom IoT solutions

  • IoT mobile app development

  • 3rd party services integration

  • Connected apps development

  • App tethering

2. Cisco

Cisco's IoT in healthcare aims to help healthcare professionals to offer better treatment and services by leveraging the power of technologies. Their benefits in healthcare range from telemedicine solutions and remote patient monitoring to cloud-based platforms for integrating and analyzing health data.

As a result, it becomes easier for healthcare providers to combine data from various sources, including medical devices and wearables, and improve patient outcomes. So the goal of Cisco's IoT in healthcare is to improve operational efficiency and patient care by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) dominion.

IoT Services Offered by Cisco

  • IoT Networking

  • IoT Edge

  • IoT Integration

  • IoT Security

3. IBM

IBM is another tech giant that offers a range of IoT services for healthcare organizations. Like any other IoT service provider, IBM also provides IoT medical devices to perform remote patient monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Additionally, IBM allows healthcare professionals to manage the supply chain and clinical trials. They offer advanced IoT healthcare devices to monitor and manage medical supplies without needing a manual check. IBM's IoT in healthcare can also transform the way of monitoring clinical trials using advanced technologies.

IoT Services Offered by IBM

  • Watson IoT platform

  • Asset management

  • IoT connected devices

  • Watson supply chain insights

4. Honeywell Life Care Solutions

Honeywell Life Care Solutions is a leading IoT development company in the healthcare industry. So if you wish to streamline clinical workflows, their advanced IoT solutions will always satisfy you. In addition, they have designed a dedicated tool called Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer for healthcare professionals.

This versatile tool helps you ensure a quick and error-free healthcare delivery. In addition, this IoT medical device offers high-level security to keep all sensitive information safe. Therefore, Honeywell Life Care Solutions seeks to help healthcare professionals run their businesses efficiently, with improved patient care and medical asset management.

IoT Services Offered by Honeywell Life Care Solutions

  • Connected care

  • Clinical alarms management

  • Remote device management

  • Medical asset management

5. Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a German technology giant and a leading service provider of IoT in healthcare. They offer a variety of IoT medical devices to optimize operations, improve patient outcomes, predict equipment failure, etc.

In addition, they have developed a cloud-based open IoT operating system called MindSphere that can connect medical assets and collect data, helping you analyze data better. Siemens AG also offers IoT healthcare devices for asset management and predictive maintenance, making them an all-rounder in providing IoT in healthcare.

IoT Services Offered by Siemens AG

  • MindSphere: A cloud-based operating system

  • Digital Twins: A virtual representation of a physical asset

  • Asset management

  • Smart buildings and infrastructure

6. Cerner Corporation

Cerner Corporation is a multinational company that provides different types of IoT in the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 1979, and they have a long history of serving healthcare, optimizing workflow, and improving patient outcomes.

Cerner Corporation offers IoT technologies such as wearable devices, sensors, and telehealth to ease the workload of healthcare providers. Their high-quality services are used by numerous healthcare industries worldwide, making them an essential player in the IoT market.

IoT Services Offered by Cerner Corporation

7. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare was founded in 1892, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, GE Healthcare has been providing technology and services to healthcare by leveraging the power of IoT. This leading provider of IoT in healthcare offers most of the popular IoT solutions, such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring, wearable devices, etc.

As a result, healthcare professionals can quickly gather real-time data and insights without errors. In addition, GE Healthcare is known for its commitment, quality, and security, making them one of the best IoT device management companies.

IoT Services Offered by GE Healthcare

  • IoT-powered wearable devices and sensors

  • Clinical analytics

  • IoT-enabled imaging and diagnostic solutions

  • Patient engagement and education with IoT

Final Thoughts

We have been hearing about IoT in healthcare quite frequently these days. It is because IoT service providers are constantly developing new solutions for healthcare professionals to optimize their workflow, improve patient care, reduce operational costs, etc. So most healthcare units have already started implementing robust IoT solutions for their assured benefits.

Therefore, if you wish to implement IoT solutions, this is the right time. However, it would help if you chose a robust IoT service provider based on your business requirements and budget. The list mentioned above of the top 7 IoT service providers to maximize ROI in the healthcare industry will help you choose the right company. Toobler is the best IoT software development company for its affordability, security, reliability, support, etc. So you can skip overthinking before joining hands with Toobler!