15 Top IoT App Development Companies in 2024

Author: Sara Sharma
October 31, 2023
15 Top IoT App Development Companies in 2024

IoT has become an integral part of our lives. It has revolutionized the way we interact with everyday objects through connected devices. For instance, consider the smart home system. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can now control the temperature of your room, adjust the lighting, and switch off appliances - all remotely. IoT has enabled us to control our world with just a fingertip.  

From healthcare and manufacturing to transportation, businesses have endless opportunities to leverage IoT in their operations. This is one of the main reasons why they are looking to collaborate with the top IoT development companies. With a cutting-edge solution, businesses can stay ahead of the competition.  

So if you are someone on the lookout for the top IoT app development companies to drive innovation, look no further than this blog.  

To help you find the top IoT app developers for your needs, we have compiled a list of the 15 most sought-after companies in this space. We've considered their experience, expertise, customer reviews, and portfolio when creating this comprehensive guide. 

Also, we have added a set of questions you can ask while contacting these companies. These questions will help you pinpoint the right IoT development company for your business. 

Let's start with the importance of having experienced IoT app developers by your side.

Importance of Expert IoT Development Companies

IoT app development projects require a deep understanding of the technology and its applications. Companies that lack this expertise may struggle to create solutions that deliver optimal outcomes.  

Yes, you could hire experts, but the process is time-consuming as well as expensive. That is why it's important to partner with an experienced IoT app developer. 

Their experience will help in developing apps that are secure, scalable, and designed with scalability in mind. They will have a better and deeper understanding of the technology and will have proper management processes set in place as well. This will help in maximizing efficiency, all the while minimizing cost and development time. 

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15 Best IoT App Development Companies

We have ordered the companies based on the range of the services they offer and how cost-effective they are.

1. Toobler

Toobler - Top IoT app development companyLocations: US, UK, Canada, and India

Avg Hourly Rate: $29-49 per hour

Toobler is one of the leading IoT app development companies for businesses of all sizes. With an experienced team of experts, Toobler provides innovative solutions that enable organizations to leverage the full power of IoT.  

Toobler offers end-to-end IoT application development, including system design, security & maintenance, and more. The IoT solutions built by the company are customized to your needs and are designed with scalability in mind. Follow the link to learn how Toobler can help you with IoT app development

At Toobler, they aim to provide world-class solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies. And these technologies are not just limited to IoT, AI, and ML but also to digital twins.

Key Services Offered by Toobler

IoT App Development Projects Undertaken by Toobler

This project was to build an IoT-based mobile app that could connect people to their valuable assets in a whole new way. The tracking device is powered by “Tile,” the world’s smallest Bluetooth-based tracking device.  

The app allows one to track almost any asset with minimum configuration and navigate to the lost items easily. Toobler adopted the agile methodology and utilized the ThingSpine platform to build a native mobile app. 

The app is built for both IOS and Android devices. And can provide real-time access to the asset’s position, map view assistance, and navigation to help find lost assets.

Smart Bin is an automated IoT solution designed for high-tech manufacturing facilities. It simplifies inventory management using gateways and multiple IoT devices. 

The project involved implementing a real-time inventory management solution. This solution automated and significantly improved the efficiency of managing warehouse stock levels. Also, it provided the client with detailed insights into their supply chain operations.  

The ThingSpine platform enabled Toobler to rapidly develop a custom-built IoT solution for this client. This customization helped monitor the stock levels in real time and respond quickly to stock changes. 

Ultimately, this agile approach proved invaluable as the project was completed within a very tight deadline. And the team was able to develop a scalable, secure, and reliable solution. 

What business benefits did the client achieve with the app? 

  • Material replenishment time was reduced by 60% 

  • Warehouse inventory management efficiency improved by 45% 

  • Deployed in facilities of more than 9,000 square meters.

Follow the link to read more case studies of Toobler

2. Cogniteq

cogniteqLocation: Vilnius, Lithuania

Avg rate per hour: $25 - $49 per hour

Cogniteq is a technology company specializing in software development and digital solutions. With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Cogniteq offers a range of services. This includes app development, IoT solutions, AI and machine learning, and more. Their dedicated team of skilled professionals can deliver quality, tailor-made business solutions. 

Key Services Offered by Cogniteq 

  • Mobile App Development 

  • Web App Development

  • UX/UI Design 

  • Enterprise App Development

  • IoT App Development 

3. Waverley Software

waveerley software homepage

Location:  USA, UK, Vietnam, Mexico, Poland & Australia 

Avg rate per hour: $50 - 99 per hour

Waverley is among the budding IoT mobile app development companies in the USA. They go with an assertive tagline ‘We can’t change the future. The Software we build can.’ The experts working in the company have the necessary experience and promise to deliver high-impact products that belong to the future. 

Key Services Offered by Waverly Technologies

  • Blockchain Development 

  • Web Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • Cybersecurity 

guarana technologiesLocation:  Toronto, Canada

Avg rate per hour: $100-$149 per hour

Guarana is a team of tightly-knit experts searching for the latest standards. Guarana is among the best IoT app development companies in Canada. They have curated several projects in the IoT domain and have in-depth expertise in the latest technologies. 

Key Services Offered by Guarana Technologies

  • Web App Development 

  • IoT App Development

  • UX/UI services 

  • AR/VR app development 

5. Softeq

Location: USA, Germany & Mexico 

Avg rate per hour: Undisclosed

Softeq is yet another IoT development company you can rely on. They have experience developing solutions for various industries. And they have expertise in AI, ML, and cloud-based applications to craft the perfect solution for their customers. Their team consists of highly skilled engineers and developers who use cutting-edge technologies to bring your ideas to life.

Here are some mobile app ideas you can try out for your business. 

Key Services Offered by Softeq 

  • UX/UI Design

  • Custom Software Development 

  • Early Stage Innovation

  • IoT App Development

6. Cumulations Technologies

Location: USA & India  

Average rate per hour: $25 - 49 per hour

Cumulations Technologies is a software development company that also specializes in IoT solutions. Their team of skilled professionals has expertise and experience in emerging technologies. They have developed various mobile apps leveraging IoT. Their key focus is on providing top-notch IoT app development services.

Key Services Offered by Cumulations Technologies

  • Mobile App Development 

  • Cloud and Web Solutions 

  • IoT & AI solutions

  • Custom Software Development 

7. Apptunix

apptunixLocation: USA, India, UAE & UK

Avg rate per hour: $25 - 49 per hour

Apptunix has experience developing top-notch IoT apps across industries. Their team of skilled experts has the necessary expertise to craft custom solutions that meet all your requirements. Apptunix works closely with its customers to ensure they get the perfect solution for their business needs.

Key Services Offered by R-Style Lab 

8. HqSoftware Lab

hqsoftware labLocation: Georgia, USA, & Estonia 

Avg rate per hour: $25-49 per hour

HqSoftware Lab is another experienced IoT app development company. They specialize in creating custom solutions for various industries. Their team of skilled developers can build secure, reliable, and efficient apps tailored to meet the customer’s needs. They also provide ongoing support and maintenance for your application after its launch.

Key Services Offered by HqSoftware Lab

  • Web and App Development. 

  • Custom Software Development. 

  • Software Re-engineering 

9. RipenApps Technologies

Location:  UK, UAE, USA, & India

Avg rate per hour: $25 - 49 per hour

RipenApps Technologies is another technology firm that offers  IoT app development services. They focus on delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions for businesses - of all sizes. Apart from IoT, they have expertise in web and mobile app development and emerging technologies like blockchain and AI.  

RipenApps helps businesses transform their ideas into reality. Also, they are committed to providing solutions tailored to your requirements.

Key Services Offered by RipenApps Technologies

  • Web App Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • IoT App Development

  • UI & UX design

  • Digital Marketing

10. Konstant Infosolutions

konstant infosolutionsLocation: USA, UK, UAE & India

Avg hourly rate: $25 -49 per hour

Konstant Infosolutions is a leading mobile app development firm specializing in creating feature-packed apps. Their team of experts uses the latest techs to help customers find the perfect solution for their business needs. 

The company, lately, has started offering IoT app development services as well. They also offer various maintenance and support services to ensure your application runs smoothly after launch. 

Key Services Offered by Konstant Infosolutions 

11. Very Technology

Very Technology homepage

Location: USA

Avg hourly rate: $200 - 300 per hour

Very Technology is a leading engineering consulting and product development firm dedicated to creating dependable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that deliver tangible business advantages to their clients. 

They specialize in tailored hardware and software development for various industries, such as healthcare, agriculture, and energy. Additionally, they offer data analytics and visualization services to empower decision-makers with valuable insights derived from IoT devices. 

Key Services Offered by Very Technology

12. Intent Solutions

Intent Solutions homepage

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Avg hourly rate: $25 - 49 per hour

Intent Solutions is a professional international outsourcing company based in Ukraine. They have been assisting industry leaders and startups in the development of web solutions since 2013. 

The company provides a full cycle of development, ranging from technical requirements and design to final testing and deployment. They specialize in the creation and promotion of various web applications, including websites, online stores, corporate resources, online learning platforms, and CRM systems.

Key Services Offered by Very Technology

  • Web Development

  • E-Commerce Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

13. AJProTech

AJProTech homepage

Location: Los Angeles, CA, Taiwan, Kazakhstan

Avg hourly rate: $100 - 149 per hour

AJProTech is a turn-key IoT Product Development studio that specializes in creating solutions for a wide range of sectors including Consumer Electronics, the Internet of Things, and Industrial Electronics. With a team of 35 professional engineers, they have executed 55 commercially successful projects.

Key Services Offered by Very Technology

14. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft homepage

Location: New York, London, Oslo, and San Francisco

Avg hourly rate: $50 - 99 per hour

Intellectsoft is a full-service software development company with a rich history dating back to 2007. They have been at the forefront of providing end-to-end software development services, assisting businesses in launching their projects, adopting advanced technologies, and transitioning to digital-first strategies. 

Key Services Offered by Very Technology

15. Yalantis

Yalantis homepage

Location: Poland, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Estonia

Avg hourly rate: $25 - 49 per hour

Yalantis is a renowned software development company with over 15 years of experience in software engineering and IT consulting. With ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. 

Yalantis is not just about building software; it focus on solving business problems. Their approach is driven by their clients' specific needs, time constraints, and budget considerations.

Key Services Offered by Very Technology

  • Web Development

  • Custom Software Development

  • Development Team Augmentation

  • IT Consulting and Digital Advisory

Questions to Ask While Choosing IoT App Development Companies

Q1Can you provide examples of IoT projects you have worked on in our industry?
Why Ask?This helps determine whether the company has experience developing IoT solutions within your industry. Domain expertise is crucial in understanding industry challenges, compliance requirements, and best practices.
Q2What technologies, frameworks, and platforms do you specialize in for IoT app development?
Why Ask?This will help you assess whether they are well-versed in the technologies and tools required for your project. It also helps ensure they can handle the specific requirements of your IoT application.
Q3Can you share case studies or references from previous IoT projects you have completed?
Why Ask?Case studies and client references provide insights into the company's track record. In addition, you can know their ability to deliver successful IoT projects and the satisfaction of their clients. It helps assess their past performance and the quality of their work.
Q4How do you approach project management and collaboration during the development process?
Why Ask?This helps you understand their project management approach. This is important as it helps gauge their ability to gather requirements, define milestones, and handle potential changes. Effective collaboration and communication are essential for successful project outcomes.
Q5What security measures do you implement in IoT app development?
Why Ask?IoT applications deal with sensitive data, so ensuring the company prioritizes security is crucial. Inquire about their security practices, data encryption methods, access control mechanisms, and compliance with relevant regulations.

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Q6How do you ensure the scalability and future-proofing of IoT applications?
Why Ask?Scalability is vital for IoT applications as data volumes and device connections can increase over time. Ask how the company ensures the app can grow and adapt to emerging technologies and changing requirements.
Q7Do you provide post-development support and maintenance services?
Why Ask?Ongoing support and maintenance are crucial for the long-term success of an IoT application. Inquire about their post-development services, bug-fixing processes, and updates. And most importantly, their availability to address any issues that may arise after deployment.
Q8What is your pricing structure, and how does it align with our budget?
Why Ask?It is necessary to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the service and check whether it fits within your budget. And this question allows for a transparent discussion on costs and ensures no surprises later on.
Q9Can you provide client references for us to contact?
Why Ask?There is no better way to understand a company's efficiency than by asking the clients they worked with. This helps validate the company's claims and gives you a better idea about the experience you will get working together.
Q10How do you stay updated on the latest IoT trends and technologies?
Why Ask?Inquiring about their commitment to research and development showcases their dedication to innovation. It ensures they stay up-to-date with emerging IoT trends and technologies, enabling them to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Wrapping it up!

To thrive in this dynamic business world, adopting an IoT application can be a great solution. Not only will IoT drive more sales, but it will also amplify the buyer's shopping experience. 

Selecting the right IoT app development company is essential for the success of your project. And asking the questions we listed can help you make an informed decision during this process. 

Take the time to evaluate your options and reach out to a few potential candidates. Ask them these questions and compare their responses to find the perfect fit for your project. It’s also important to consider their experience in your industry, overall cost, and support services. With these factors in mind, you can find an experienced team that meets all your requirements. 

You can start asking these questions with the first one on the list - Toobler. Get in touch with their team, and see whether they are the best fit for your business.