10 Top Mobile App Development Companies in US, UK, Canada and India in 2022

February 11, 2022
10 Top Mobile App Development Companies in US, UK, Canada and India in 2022


Did you know that mobile apps are expected to garner over $935 billion in revenue by 2023?

People are using their smartphones more than ever, and the statistics are here to prove it. There is a growing surge in the number of smartphone users worldwide, setting the industry of mobile applications and mobile app development companies thriving.

iOS and Android have dominated the mobile application industry for the majority of the years. However, with the influx of customers and audiences in different platforms, industries have now begun to focus on cross-platform and progressive web applications.

If you’re someone who’s been planning to turn all that brainstorming and strategy into a mobile application, you’ve landed on the right page. There are various approaches to choose while building a mobile application, but for the pieces to fit in place, a compatible mobile app development company forms the backbone.

Whether you’re confused about starting out or have an idea of mobile application development, here’s a curated list of the top 10 mobile app development companies to hire that excel at their development skills, and at formulating a strategy that drives your business to success!

Top 10 mobile app development companies

1. Toobler

Toobler homepage

As one of the top mobile app development companies in India, Toobler is often known for projects that go above and beyond client expectations. Founded in 2008, the company navigated the industry starting out with software design, to providing services in IoT, web and mobile application development.

As one among mobile app development companies, Toobler has a team of mobile app development experts who cater to specific platform or cross-platform needs. They offer to work across a range of frameworks and a personalized plan from scratch to end, to curate high quality, scalable mobile applications.

Core services

  • Platform-specific and cross-platform mobile app development

  • UI/UX

  • Automated testing

  • DevOps team

  • Onsite support and maintenance

Employees: 50

Avg Hourly Rate: $29-49/ hour

Locations: US, UK, Canada, India

Mobile app development projects

a. Regatta

It supports coaches and clubs by providing more time to manage teams for boat race events by reducing their paperwork. The sports app is designed to help with the seating arrangement and the weight distribution and balance of a team in a boat. Even though the mobile app was developed for both iOS and Android, it can be used in tablets too.

b. Hapzis

It’s an event technology platform or application where anyone can find, share or create events that they love. Built on a Node.js platform, this social app for events is the best way to stay connected with popular things. Upcoming and popular events can be shared with friends and followers.

c. IoT Tracker

An IoT based tracking app that could connect people to their valuable assets in a whole new way. One could track almost anything and can also navigate to the assets within the application.

2. Sidebench


Founded in 2012, Sidebench forms a key member of mobile app development companies in the USA that partner with their clients to create robust strategies for mobile app development. They offer a strategy, discovery and development mobile application development lifecycle and offer a wide range of services with their team that works across a variety of industries and technologies. Located in a start-up friendly area like Los Angeles, Sidebench leverages its expertise to uncover unique growth opportunities for your business.

Core services

  • Mobile app development

  • Front and back end development

  • UI/UX

  • Rapid prototyping

Employees: 10-49

Avg Hourly Rate: $150-199/hour

Locations: USA

Mobile app development projects

a. OCD management mobile application

Sidebench has helped curate a mobile application that helps patients record objective data in between their regularly scheduled sessions with their therapists. By modifying the UX design and enforcing security compilations, the navigation and interface design of the application was fine tuned to be smoother

b. Manifest- a workout platform

By revamping the user experience, app restrictions and by creating a streamlined portal, Sidebench helped create a consistent product experience for users on this personalized workout platform

3. 3 sided cube


3 sided cube is one of the mobile app development companies in the UK that collaborates with international organizations based on the motto “tech for good”. Founded in 2009, it is a unique company that puts social impact at the heart of their projects and offers services similar to the best mobile app development companies such as UI/UX design, mobile app development and so on.

Core services

  • Cross-platform mobile app development

  • Scalable solutions for payment platforms

  • Alexa skill development

  • Support and management of application

Employees: 11-50

Avg hourly rate: $100-149/hour

Locations: UK, US

Mobile app development projects

a. Blood donor app for American red cross

3 sided cube worked with American Red Cross to form a digital solution that helped blood donors track, donate and locate blood drives, revolutionising and digitizing the blood drive process

b. Lush lens and reducing plastic pollution

To raise awareness on the disposable culture of product packaging, 3 sided cube partnered with Lush cosmetic brand to create a concept store with image recognition technology. This was used to view packaging-free products to be scanned directly in the store and obtain information that was previously available on product packaging.

4. Mindsea


Mindsea forms one of the top mobile app development companies in Canada, with several projects of building and launching cross platform and native applications since its founding in 2007. Mindsea’s expert team focuses on the smaller aspects of user experience and design to make every interaction of the consumer with the mobile application, a smooth one.

Core services

  • Mobile application development (cross platform, native)

  • UI/UX

  • Mobile application redesign

Employees: 11-50

Average hourly rate: $100-149/hour

Locations: Canada

Mobile app development projects

a. Psychscope- a digital healthcare application

Mindsea partnered with psychiatrists to help youth manage their mental health better. As a collaborative process, mindsea helped create psychscope, a mobile application that was engaging and appealing to users.

b. Constant health

In partnership with bariatric medical institute, mindsea helped digitalise the offline experience of healthcare to a user oriented web portal with goal tracking. Along with improving the existing model, their mobile app blueprint was used to develop a smoother user experience with features that induced a positive health mindset with the constant health application.

5. RootQuotient


Rootquotient’s expertise lies in building mobile applications, mostly with a ‘cloud first’ approach since its founding in 2018. Working with world-class brands and startups, RootQuotient offers an expert team based on your project and skill requirement and helps curate custom software based on organization needs. As one of the top mobile app development companies in Canada, RootQuotient works with startups, government bodies and enterprises.

Core services

  • Mobile application development services

  • Data analytics

  • UI/UX

  • Internet of Things

  • Blockchain

Employees: 10-49

Average hourly rate: $50-99/hour

Locations: Canada

Mobile app development projects

a. Clozerr application

A mobile application that helps you discover local restaurants and gives you loyalty rewards, RootQuotient worked with the dynamic team at Clozerr to bring restaurants and foodies closer and provide better restaurant discovery options.

b. Blyppr

As a ‘privacy first’ instant messaging mobile application using flutter as our front end development framework, Root Quotient tops the table for its lite, secure and scalable functionalities. As a feature enriched application, this mobile application guarantees privacy and security for a secure, smooth user experience.

6. Tapptitude


Founded in 2013, Tapptitude is a start to end development agency that specialises in offering a wide range of services from UI/UX design to cross-platform mobile application development services. With agile development methodologies, the team at Tapptitude is known for their efficient and effective collaboration on all projects with startups to corporations.

Core services

  • Mobile application development services

  • UI/UX design

  • Product and market strategy

  • Launch and maintenance

  • Product scaling

Employees: 50-249

Average hourly rate: $50-99/hour

Locations: US, UK, Romania

Mobile app development projects

a. Flycleaners

Tapptitude curated a mobile application to manage pick up and drop off laundry service in New York. With real time service features to make the user experience fast and intuitive, and integration of Stripe for payment, Tapptitude helped turn a complex user flow and experience into a smoother experience.

b. Amparcat.to

Tapptitude helped create a mobile application as a solution for those hard to find parking meters, or having the exact amount of change. The application is a smart solution that is also a geolocation tool, a calculation tool or a timer and payment, based on the user’s needs.

7. Studio graphene


Studio Graphene delivers value to its clients through a research-driven approach and caters to creating mobile applications on native and cross platforms. Founded in 2014, Studio Graphene partners with startups to global brands to build intuitive and scalable digital products. On a mission to provide affordable technology, Studio Graphene works on providing mobile application development, web application development, IoT and other services.

Core services

  • Mobile app development services

  • Responsive website design

  • Product design

  • IoT application development

Employees: 50-249

Average hourly rate: $50-99/hour

Locations: UK

Mobile app development projects

a. Harth

From an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing front end and a robust backend capability, Studiographene helped Harth transform their end to end workflow by building a platform that allowed users to explore available furniture, curate a wish list and shop for their favourite pieces right from the mobile application n.

b. Canopy

Studio graphene partnered with Canopy to design a website that aligned with their vision of making renting faster, fuss-free and fairer for renters and landlords. Creating tools and features for the application, Studio Graphene worked to create a cross-platform application using Nodejs for the backend, helping make Canopy's brand cohesive across all platforms.

8. Glance


As one of the top mobile app development companies in the UK, Glance is known for its reputation of providing excellent quality applications by refining user experience to be smoother and seamless. Since its start in 2016, Glance has worked towards engaging audiences better, taking a deeper look at products and fine-tuning them, along with developing an overall positive user experience with mobile applications.

Core services

  • Engagement strategy

  • Mobile app development services

  • Branding and identity

  • App store optimization

  • Product landing pages

  • Virtual and augmented reality

Employees: 10-49

Hourly rate: $100-149/hour

Locations: UK

Mobile app development projects

a. Inkvite

Delving into the arena of storytelling and social networking, Glance worked on the strategy, UI/UX design and support to create an iOS application to fuse creativity and social networking together. This let writers across the world collaborate on short, Twitter length parts of a story, with new additions along with each submission.

b. Canon UST

Intended as an office tool, Glance helped ramp up this mobile application for public release. The application helped showcase different features of their cameras and allow them to learn key concepts using the virtual camera in virtual settings.

9. Appssemble


Delivering high-quality mobile applications since 2016, as one of the top mobile development companies, Appssemble offers collaboration with designers, product team and a development team to target users with the right features incorporated in the mobile application. Using a scrum-based agile manner, Appssemble helps track the progress on your application, test and make adjustments as necessary, to finetune the app for a hassle-free user experience.

Core services

  • Product definition

  • UI/UX

  • Mobile application development services

  • Launch and marketing

  • Post deployment support and maintenance

Employees: 10-49

Hourly rate: $50-99/hour

Locations: US

Mobile app development projects

a. Parenthing

Appssemble helped provide services from UI/UX, iOS development and so on and launch and other maintenance services that curated parenthing. This is an app that recommends the best areas for improving the skills and health of your child by offering skill-based exercises, articles and tests.

b. Aical

For easy monitoring of meals through artificial algorithms that estimate your intake of calories, fat, carbs and proteins from a picture of your meal, Aical was created by Appssemble by working on UI/UX components, backend development and iOS development.

10. Blue Label Labs


Partnering with startups and companies across various industries, Blue Label Labs is one of the best mobile app development companies that focuses on strategy, design and development of mobile applications. With an expert team, Blue Label Labs picks up on challenges found in your industry of choice and incorporates features designed to drive the mobile application through a seamless transformation towards a better user experience.

Core services

  • UI/UX design

  • Product Strategy

  • Branding

  • User testing

  • Development and testing

  • Mobile app development services

Employees: 50-249

Hourly rate: $100-149/hour

Locations: US

Mobile app development projects

a. Upkept

Blue Label Labs partnered with a non-profit organization, consumer reports to extend the knowledge of simple maintenance of household materials, daily requirements or to protect their investments through the mobile application. This empowers users to live efficiently and minimize repairs across the house. Blue Label Labs's team worked on the UI/UX, React Native and the backend.

b. Valhorna app

Designed for pastry professionals, Blue Label Labs helped curate an interactive platform that offers technical expertise and customisable tools for recipe development or modifications, access professional learning and so on, with the mobile application.

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Given the different services offered in the mobile app development companies list, it is necessary for your organization to decide the type of application, target audience and features before jumping onto the development part.

Having a team that gets along well, adheres to quality and timely updates and is communicative throughout and post the development process is what we at Toobler aim for.

With these qualities, managing projects and creating a richer, smoother user experience for your targeted audience is an easier, hassle-free process for your organization and the developer team you worked with!

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