Top 10 open source app development companies in India, US, UK [2022 List]

Author: Sara Sharma
April 6, 2022
Top 10 open source app development companies in India, US, UK [2022 List]


It is an indisputable fact that today mobile apps have entered all spheres of the industries!

The advantage of mobility and accessibility is the driving force behind the demand for apps. In today’s digital era, open-source apps have become a critical vertical for all organizations.

According to a source, the global open source services market is projected to grow by 18.2% and will reach $50 billion by 2026.

After doing our research, we have mentioned a comprehensive and exclusive list of the top 10 open source app development companies.

Without further ado, start reading and pick the best company!

1. Toobler

Toobler is a stellar name in the app development industry. They have a team of multidisciplinary experts who have years of experience behind them.

Toobler is among the best-in-class open source app development companies worldwide and is known for bringing ideas into reality.

Core services offered by Toobler

Employees: 50

Avg Hourly Rate: $25-49/ hour

Locations: US, UK, Canada, India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Toobler

Application to Detect Counterfeit Bills

Toobler created a one-stop solution to detect counterfeit bills by building a responsive web application. The app has access to 197+ countries and their currencies and foreign exchange regulations.

Redefining Digital Concierge – Hospitality App

‘The Hotel’ is one of the revolutionary hospitality management apps created by Toobler. The app was designed after vetting the issues faced by hotels. The app is serving the hospitality management industry by guaranteeing ultimate experience and profitability.

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2. Angler

Angler is one of the leading open-source development companies. The professionals at Angler believe in delivering results-driven solutions with the help of cutting-edge technology.

The company is known for accelerating the growth of the business by offering a rich user experience.

Core services offered by Angler

  • Web application development

  • Testing services

  • Rich internet applications

  • Online marketing services

Employees: 51 to 200

Avg Hourly Rate: $25-50/ hour

Locations: US, UK, UAE, India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Angler

Digital eCommerce Marketplace Platform for Social Networking

This fantastic application was created by Angler to connect pet owners with the products/services and other pet owners. It was a digital ecommerce marketplace platform that was dedicated to pets and their needs.

Document Automation Software Development in Open Source

Angler built this problem-solving document automation software for manufacturing companies. The proficient open-source development team at Angler worked day and night to complete this project within time and on budget successfully. Currently, the web app is serving the manufacturing industry by managing the records efficiently.

3. Chetu

Chetu is among those open source development companies that exclusively have expertise in open source software and app development.

As a leading name in the industry, Chetu provides world-class software solutions by designing and developing robust and reliable applications.

Core services offered by Chetu

  • Application Maintenance

  • Backup & Disaster

  • RecoveryCustom Software Services

  • API Development

  • Application Development

Employees: 25,00+

Avg Hourly Rate: $25-50/ hour

Locations: USA, UK, India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Chetu

Custom Personal Finance Application Development

Chetu created the ACTBEC app, a storage app that allows companies to manage, store and organize their business and personal receipts by date and category.

Custom Multimedia Messaging Application With A Musical Twist

Chetu created a custom-based iOS application that enables customers to send MMS (Multimedia messaging services) via iMessages.

4. Systematix Infotech

Systematic Infotech is an open-source application development company that believes in offering unique and innovative solutions as per every business need.

They offer scalable solutions and are known to befriend the customers to get better clarity about the project. To date, they have delivered over 2500 projects and are continuing to provide quality work.

Core services offered by Chetu

  • Custom web application Development

  • eCommerce Solutions

  • Portal Development

  • Content Management System

  • Virtual Communities

Employees: 50+

Avg Hourly Rate: $25-50/ hour

Locations: US, India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Systematix Infotech

PWA Empowers 10000 Users in the Value-chain of a Tractor Manufacturer

Systematix Infotech helped the client by creating a Progressive Web App platform. The app now enables the client to see all the communication and transactions between the retailer and distributor. The app was built to bridge the gap between manufacturers and customers.

Simplified Recruitment Process For Australia Based Leading Law Firm

Systematix streamlines the recruiting process for a leading Australian law firm. They created a customized application to manage the HR and recruiting process.

5. Hidden Brains

Hidden brains are among the top-notch open source app development companies in India. They are known to offer innovative solutions across industry verticals and promise to challenge the limits.

Core services offered by Hidden Brains

  • Web Application Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • Front End Development

  • Microsoft Development

Employees: 50+

Avg Hourly Rate: 30$-50$

Locations: India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Hidden Brains

Home Hub

The home hub is a cloud-based app for real estate agents to streamline client engagement and transactions. The app empowers real estate agents to grow their business 3x and has some fantastic features like custom CRM, warm lead generation, etc.

Deliver Any

Deliver Any is a logistics handling online platform where cargo owners, logistic companies and drivers can move, track, and pay for the transported goods. This app was driven by the motivation to streamline the hassle of moving goods.

6. Cabot

Cabot is a value-based open-source application development company delivering robust and high-quality solutions.

To date, they have delivered over 500 projects across multiple vertices using state-of-the-art technologies.

Core services offered by Cabot

  • Product Design and Development

  • Digital Transformation

  • QA & Testing

  • Web App Automation Testing

  • Mobile App Automation Testing

  • API Automation Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Security Testing

  • CTO as a Service

  • MVP Development

Employees: 100+

Avg Hourly Rate: 30$-50$

Locations: UK, USA

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Cabot

MyHealingMate For Mobile and Web Applications

My Healing Mate is an application for Indian patients to connect with other patients who are suffering from the same illness. The app initially took off as a social community but later and as planned, it also has a feature of online patient and doctor consultation.

ShearForce App

The app uses a shear force detector to measure the sheer force of the chairs used by differently-abled people. The force can be detected with the help of two force sensors, and values are displayed via a BLE module.

7. Minuscule Technologies

Minuscule Technologies is among the best open source app development companies in India. The professionals working at Minuscule technologies bring a decade of experience with them and deliver quality projects on time.

Core services offered by Minuscule Technologies

  • Sales professional services

  • Digital Transformation

  • QA & Testing

  • Cloud consulting

  • App and web development

Employees: 50+

Avg Hourly Rate: 30$-50$

Locations: India, USA, UK

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Minuscule Technologies

Salesforce 1

Salesforce 1 is a premium app created by Minuscule technologies to take the burden off the shoulders of leasing officers. The leasing officers often face issues related to data from the customer’s end. The app reduced a lot of work from the shoulders of officers as it reduced paperwork and helped to maintain honest records.

8. Developers.DEV

Developers.DEV is a specialized open source app development company. They have a rich workforce of experts in open source technologies. Since 2003 they have successfully completed 5000+ projects by serving more than 3000+ clients.

Core services offered by Developers.DEV

  • Open source development

  • Mobile and e-commerce development

  • Software application development

  • Microsoft development

Employees: 1000+

Avg Hourly Rate: 30$-50$

Locations: USA, UK, EU, CA, Singapore, India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Developers. Dev


Careem is a one-stop solution to give in to your cravings. It is operational in the Middle Eastern region and aims to simplify the lives of the people.


6 Pack is a revolutionary fitness app that allows you to work out through the mobile at home. 6 Pack aims at changing lives 1 rep at a time by offering features like 100+ exercise routines, 40+ recipes, etc.

9. Red Hat

Red Hat is a premier open-source development company based out in the US. The company purely operates in the open-source software development model and assures quality work.

The company has many jewels in its crown as it has worked with the industry giants leading the industry.

Core services offered by Red Hat

  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure

  • Cloud-native development

  • Automation

  • Digital transformation

Employees: 50+

Avg Hourly Rate: 25$-50$

Locations: USA

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Red Hat

Ascend Money builds a central app platform, delivers services faster

Ascend Money wanted to improve the collaboration and delivery time of the new products and features while providing customized services. Therefore, Red Hat improved the efficiency and stranded the application for a rich customer experience.

LogistiCare uses Red Hat software to build a healthcare transport app

Red Hat made the core of Logisticare strong by creating a ride management app. The app is scaling with the difficulties posed by the noble business. With this new app, Red Hat has improved the efficiency and performance of Logisticare.

10. Girnarsoft

Girnarsoft is among the best open source app development companies. It is the fastest-growing open source development company offering value-driven and cost-effective solutions to a global clientele.

They have hands-down experience in rendering all types of projects, and their expertise goes beyond the traditional app development,

Core services offered by Girnarsoft

  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure

  • Cloud-native development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Offshore web development

Employees: 50+

Avg Hourly Rate: 25$-50$

Locations: USA, India

Transforming app development projects undertaken by Girnarsoft

Ezy Miles

Ezy Miles is an application that offers an entire range of integrated logistics services. The app is really useful for truck owners and transport agents as the app works on a transparent module. Users can easily search for the trucks nearby; once the pick-up is confirmed, they are ready to carry their goods.

The future of app development is open

80% of the IT companies plan to deploy open source softwares in the next year, and 95% of the IT specialists agree that open source has become more critical than ever!

The idea of “openness” has become the humanitarian hallmark of the 21st century, and it seems like open-source software has become integral cogs of many organizations.

If you are looking for an expert open-source app developer, then get in touch with our experts today!