Build your website or web app using free & open source modules.

Unexpected layoffs, urgent bugs, unfair deadlines-stressful situations often unwind without any warning in a developer’s life. With this understanding, we bring to you an amazing tool that can make your life a whole lot easier. Introducing AnyMod!!

With AnyMod you can easily build your website or web app using free & open source modules that seamlessly work in any project. It comes with ready-to-use:

  • Content Management (CMS) : Make any part of your website editable with AnyMod.
  • Forms : Choose from the dozens of forms available and collect form responses either  in the AnyMod dashboard or send them anywhere you choose.
  • Image galleries : Now add image galleries to any page in just a few clicks. You can easily replace and rearrange images with zero coding knowledge.
  • Navigation : You can choose from a wide variety of navigation mods with different styles and layouts.
  • Social media : With pre-built social media mods, you no longer need to dig through documents every time you want to install a widget. It comes with separate ready-to-use social widgets for each platform including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GitHub, etc.

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What are Mods?

Mods are essentially modular features that you can extend, share, and customize, or create from scratch. From plain HTML to the latest frameworks like React and Vue.js, they are designed to work with any technology.Building website features becomes fast,simple,and repeatable with mods as they work on both new and existing websites.

Tools for non-developers

Mods are not just meant for the developers, they come with built-in WYSIWYG content editor that allows non-developers with no coding knowledge  to update content including text and images directly from their live web page. Further, the user receives an instant feedback with the live preview feature.


Build your project in no time

The platform offers a host of  reusable, powerful, no-hassle tools.


  • Hundreds of open-source mods : The community offers numerous pre-built mods
  • Add mods anywhere : Use mods to quickly add features to any project.
  • Browser & search compatible : Mods work in all major browsers including Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+. Also, they are fully indexed by Google thus appearing in search results along with other page content.
  • Automated build tools : The build tools include Auto-refresh, SCSS,ES6, Handlebars, JSX, TypeScript and more.
  •  Page Speed : Page speed being the top priority, mods are designed to load fast. For e.g, a basic page with 15 mods will load all of its mod data in single request taking 10-30ms.
  • Fewer code deploys :All you need to do is add once, then edit live in the cloud.
  • Growing Community  : What’s more? A thriving and growing community fuels the platform growth by collaborating on mods and  contributing to open source.


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