Industry-Specific Web Application Development

Author: James
June 20, 2022
Industry-Specific Web Application Development


Web applications have become an integral part of our daily life; knitting together most of our everyday activities. They have simplified life so much that we now complete some of our routine chores in a jiffy, saving us time, effort, and most importantly money. With superfluous web application development, we have many cool apps that have made our life easier.

It is estimated that the average American spends 24 hours a week online.

Sounds like a whooping figure? But think again. When was the last time you visited a supermarket? Or stood in a long queue to pay a utility bill? You can order household necessities on Amazon, book a cab using Uber, a click to order a meal online and on goes the list.

Your business does need the web app advantage!

Web applications helping us complete our daily nitty-gritty chores is undoubtedly a blessing. However, besides these, they can deliver many more benefits to kind of businesses. It does away with operational hassles, providing better compatibility and control while reducing overheads. As a result, the business can achieve its objectives and targets much faster.

A quick look at some of the key benefits of Web application compared to the classic office-based software solution:

  • Easy to install and maintain– With web application development, businesses do not have to invest in servers and space for hardware. APCs with a browser is all that is needed. In our earlier blog, we have discussed why startups need to look into Serverless computing for building MVPs.

  • Cost effective– Reduced overheads automatically make industrial web apps much cost effective.

  • Ease of access to information– Centralized data provides the advantage of secure back-ups, and reports that help the management in decision making and forecasting. It also allows hot-desking and supports work irrespective of time zones and geographical location.

  • Branding and visibility– It is important to have visibility in the www-sphere if a business needs to grow. A business may perform well locally, but without proper visibility, on the web, it may be difficult to survive and make profits in the long run. Therefore, web application development is your one-stop solution for brand visibility.

  • Improved customer satisfaction-A good web application developer is capable of creating an application which provides options for enhanced customer support. The customer location or time of the day would never be a restriction any longer.

Industry-specific web application development

Healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, tourism, automotive, agriculture – these are just a few examples of areas in which industry-specific web application development is being deployed. Industrial web apps focus on a particular line of business to engage users.


The health care sector is ramping up with a host of healthcare apps. Patients are now treated as consumers, and telehealth market has seen accelerating growth in the past few years.

Healthcare companies are adopting the latest trend in mobile and web application development technology and artificial intelligence in finding simple solutions to their many changes.

Unlike many other industries, the healthcare sector consumes a lot of time and effort recording manually loads of critical data.

Healthcare web application development focuses on building healthcare apps that are equipped with all necessary functions such as clinical support, communication, information sharing, monitoring functions, patient portals, reminders, a reference database, and so on. Another healthcare web application is super-specialty is in its developmental phase where the equipment can continuously monitor the patient and send an alert signal to the doctor, who could then make a decision.

According to the “Healthcare Analytics/Medical Analytics Market” report, the global healthcare analytics market is set to grow from $5.8 billion in 2015 to about $18.7 billion in 2020 (annual growth of 26.5%).


The easy to use travel apps have made global reach accessible at the fingertips. A traveler now depends on the web travel apps and mobile travel apps for almost any every aspect of traveling and to any corner of the world. Booking flights, hotel reservations, navigating the unfamiliar terrain with the help of geo-location apps and so on. The latest travel industrial web apps available help the traveler to access minute details of the travel like keep track of flight delays, gate changes to book local tours and cabs.


The IT industry has developed continuously through the years encompassing every other sector and industry. It has been providing solutions and enhancements to other industries to improve their efficiency. Manufacturing industrial web apps integrate computer, electrical equipment, and machinery automation components; collecting these large data and storing in a fashion that makes tracking and analyzing possible.

The key challenge for the industry lies in maintaining a regular standard concerning uniformity and quality – across the production line. Secondly, it is essential to check whether the product conforms to the regulatory standards, especially in the case of manufacturing related to health, chemical, electronics which are highly regulated sectors.

The lacuna could occur at any point from the verification of the quality of materials acquired for production until the completion of final packaging. A well-designed web application can assist by maintaining a regular entry of data thereby helping check the loopholes. The acquired data can be matched with the regulatory data to spot disparities, and it is possible to fix gaps at the right time.

The industrial web app can be made to interconnect with the several stakeholders (suppliers, supply chain staff, quality analysts at various points, packaging facilities, and so on) and ensure that they all work in tandem to achieve the targets consistently. Managing the workforce and identifying and addressing any skill gap or other deviations is also a key benefit while using a central web application in the manufacturing unit.

A well-designed Manufacturing web app can boost the overall production.


Educational Web apps have changed the face of education. Gone are the days of the dull rigmarole of academic books, written tests and attending hours of lectures. Today’s student can see, test and understand what they study. Educational Web apps make studies more exciting via fun quizzes, interactive games, and the use of a variety of devices. At the school administration or teacher level, these apps help them analyze data, identify and address areas of improvement at each student level.


E-commerce giant like Amazon, eBay, and JD, have pushed the local retailers to almost a point of extinction. A host of traditional retailers are looking for options to move out of their brick and mortar showrooms into the world wide web. More businesses joining the eCommerce bandwagon mean all-the-more competition in the market.

According to Statista, e-commerce sales worldwide are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. There are numerous web app development platforms for e-commerce in 2019. Check out our blog here.

Web apps for consumer services

All businesses strive to execute their orders quickly, accurately and efficiently. However, success is in delivering excellent results and ensuring customer come back to us for future requirements.

Web-based customer service apps allow multiple inboxes and conversation with customers and team collaboration. Effective communication, swift action, and delivery as promised is the expectation that the customer service web application helps to manage.

Gartner predicts that 100 Million consumers would shop virtually by 2020. The web applications allow customer support possible 24/7, access to information from any part of the world and additionally providing cost efficiency to the business.

If a business does not give what customers want, then it could eventually be out of business. A happy customer would come back for more, and their good word-of-mouth acts as an excellent marketing ploy. Web apps for consumer services act as the right platform in achieving this target.


Automotive app development has positively impacted the automobile industry at every point. From recording part references, and inspection reports to generating delivery invoices these Web-based automotive apps have become an inseparable part of the industry. Needless to say, the automotive industry also uses the workforce management and report generation functions to optimize its efficiency – like the other industries where these apps have made a big difference.

Finance and Banking

Finance sector mostly used the general web application for an increase in productivity for several years in the past. The used it mostly for project management, determining reports, and decision making.

Recent developments in finance app development services have made financial technology a vertical market with great potential for increasing profitability in the industry. A robust design financial application can help bankers determine the customer’s creditworthiness faster and without human bias. With robust banking app development services, financial institutions can enhance customer experience and satisfaction.


With the advent of web applications in agriculture, the modern era farmer has access to compelling data gathered by sensors. Innovations in agriculture app development has resolved many challenges for farmers and help them automate many iterative processes. They compute the health of the crop separately and deliver it to the farmer, usually within a day. The farmer could look at the data versus his field and address the areas that need attention appropriately. The centralized records of crop maintenance even help farmers identify the best and suitable remedies for better pest control and higher yield.

Web apps for homes

Home automation web apps are becoming increasingly popular. It is estimated that IoT applications in the home could have an economic impact of $200 billion to $350 billion per year in 2025. These Smart home apps allow control of various household devices with a single interface – remotely. People with disabilities can use the apps which have voice command recognition that helps them enjoy the same quality of life like normal people.


A couple of decades ago, it would have been impossible to imagine that the manufacturing sector, agriculture or tourism Industry would use the capabilities of the IT industry. In today’s reality, industry-specific applications have become the indispensable nervous system of the global markets and economies.

Witnessing the trends of the past two years, there has been a surge in web application development for almost all business verticals. Recent innovations and technological breakthroughs has helped many businesses survive the extreme market conditions that has been implicated by the unusal circumstances of past two years.

Do you have a business that does not have a striking virtual presence or is it having problems with meeting customer expectations? It is time to look out for a good web app development team for a solution.