Scalable Web App Development

Why your business needs custom web app development

Custom web application development provides businesses with a myriad of benefits like:

>> It is the only economically and technologically viable solution when you need a lot of custom features in your app.
>> Helps businesses automate mundane tasks and processes
>> Flexibility to deploy either in-house or on the cloud
>> Provides functionally-focused approach and caters to unique business needs.

Web Development Best Practices

Leveraging years of experience and expertise, our experts have come up with a concise list of custom web app development best practices.

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Requirement gathering, analysis and documentation play a crucial role in the entire software development life-cycle. During this stage, our team assesses the business objectives and specific customer requirements the app is required to meet. This includes:

  • Functional requirements

  • Non-functional requirements

Custom App Development
Timeline and Cost Estimation

Our team helps clients define the project scope, assess the requirements and prepare a project management timeline. This ensures that future web apps are in sync with the enterprise’s requirements. 

Cost of web app development depends on numerous factors like:
  1. Complexity and size of the project

  2. Number of hours of effort put by the resources into the project

  3. Number of professionals and development resources involved

  4. Post-delivery and maintenance costs

  5. Tools and technologies used 

  6. Industry ranking of the vendor

UX/UI Design & Prototyping

User interface and user experience design plays a crucial role in developing visually appealing and engaging web apps. It goes a long way in ensuring the success of the app. With an aim to build stunning apps, our team uses wireframes and prototypes as a design guide to gain critical insight into how different app elements would integrate into one single app. Further, our design team develops mockups of the various web application pages. This not only helps the team better understand app functionality but also ensures that the end product meets the client’s needs.

efficint web app development
Software Architecture Design

Custom  web application architecture is designed with an aim to support future growth that may arise from new requirements, increased demand and future interoperability.

Below are a few things that our team follows:
  1. Supports the latest standards, automated deployments and analytics

  2. Ensures problems are solved consistently 

  3. Scalable and offers fast response times

  4. Leverages security standards and enables easy data creation

Design and Development

Engaging designs are reinforced with high-quality code.Our team comes with expertise and experience both in  frontend and backend development.

  • Front End Development 

Once the design is approved, our team actually starts developing the application front-end. The latest technologies and tools are used  to create beautiful apps with high usability, rich aesthetics, functionality and high-performing interfaces. At Toobler, we understand that apps vested with these features will help clients engage users and achieve business goals.

  • Back End Development

After the front end development, it is time to quickly roll out the back-end development. We have on-board a team of skilled developers with years of experience in custom back-end development. As per the client’s requirements, they can work on individual or multiple back-end modules at a time.


Clients across the globe count on us to develop cost-effective, scalable and reliable testing solutions for custom web apps of varying sizes and complexity levels. Our QA engineers come with experience in both Automated Testing and Manual Testing.

  • Automated Testing

With wider test coverage of application features, Automation testing helps our engineers save time and cost. Leveraging automation testing tools like  CI and Selenium, the team ensures consistency, reliable results and ultimately well-functioning web apps that bring value and customer satisfaction to our clients. 

  • Manual Testing

Our team of dedicated QA engineers, software testers  and DevOps specialists leverage thorough manual testing techniques to ensure  flawless project execution and excellent business benefits for clients from the software we develop.

What Makes Custom Web Apps Better?

User Friendly

Designed keeping in mind  the specific requirements of the target audience, custom web apps come with simplified digital aesthetics and customized user interfaces. This engages the users while making app navigation easier and guiding the users to take the necessary actions.


Scalable custom web apps provide businesses the flexibility to handle business growth. Scale up as the business grows and scale down just as easily if business goes down.

Cost Effective

Custom web apps may not be cheaper than using an off the shelf counterpart but over a period of time, it helps businesses save big in terms of licensing packages, purchase of  extra hardware, online web app support services, etc. 

Database integration

Database integration is one of the biggest advantages offered by custom web applications. As information gets automatically updated directly from the website into the database, it helps businesses reduce data entry costs significantly.

Choosing the Best Custom Web Application Development Services

With over a decade’s experience in building complex custom web applications utilizing multiple frameworks and technologies, you can count on us for all your  custom web application development needs. Also, take into consideration:

Quality of Custom Web Application Development Services

Custom web app development is all about addressing the specific needs of customers and DevOps is the best fit as it streamlines and optimizes different aspects of the development lifecycle while improving the software quality significantly. 

DevOps powered Custom Web Application Development offers numerous benefits to both businesses and clients alike:

1. Early bug detection

Factors like collaborative DevOps environment,continuous monitoring,continuous testing and continuous feedback fosters knowledge sharing with early bug detection and fixing. This helps improve overall software quality. 

2. Continuous release and deployment

Automated CI/CD pipeline along with early QA ensures shorter release cycles, quality software delivery with reduced time-to-market.

3. Faster and Continuous delivery

Leveraging on automation, continuous delivery, and quick feedback, DevOps ensures smooth flow of the SDLC and faster software delivery.

4. Superior customer experiences

Leveraging DevOps, the delivery pipeline is automated resulting in improved deployment frequency and reduced failure rates. It ensures flawless performance of the app after new releases or updates. Thus, helping organizations reap the benefits of greater customer satisfaction

Cost of Custom Web Application Development Services

Enjoy the best of onsite and offshore software development with our hybrid delivery model. The project management and design needs are handled by experts on site whereas coding is done by our offshore team. The model drives profitability and productivity while optimizing costs.

Progressive Web App Development

Why Toobler for Developing Custom Web Applications?

Engage customers like never before and achieve stunning business results with robust and intuitive custom web apps. Why choose us?

DevOps and Agile Integration

Being a new-age custom web app development company, our teams combine DevOps and Agile to develop apps that are relevant to present market trends and meet customer needs. It helps:

  • Streamline release process 

  • Improve products

  • Better collaborate 

  • Faster bug fixes

  • Increase visibility

1. Full Cycle Development : Right from gathering requirements to app release, our team of experts handle  full stack custom web application development.

2. Enhanced Collaboration : Leveraging the DevOps model helps us break conventional silos and enhance cross-team collaboration. This collaboration helps our clients get full support during the entire project development, execution and maintenance.

3. Enhanced Visibility and Transparency : Implementing the DevOps model provides excellent visibility and transparency to the in-house teams and the clients. They are provided with efficient tracking and prompt visibility when it comes to the project. 

4. Best-in-Class Custom Web App Development : Powerful business acumen and industry experience along with the use of agile and DevOps technology makes Toobler an outstanding custom web app development company.

Hire Dedicated Custom Web App Developer

Scale your business by hiring our custom web app engineer or a complete team. We can help you setup a complete dedicated web engineer team in under a week.

web development team
Starting $4K/Month
Starting $20K/Month

Custom Web App Development, Maintenance & Support

Regular web application maintenance is just as important as the early product development. Timely bug fixes and upgrades retain customers and reduce overall costs.

Bug Detection and Fixing

In a perfect world, apps are devoid of bugs but in reality bugs occur in apps for different reasons. Our team employs a wide range of solutions to eliminate bugs and ensure that the delivered apps run smoothly as per the client’s requirements.

Staying ahead of Third-party API Changes

Web apps communicate with 3rd-party APIs. Our experts are well equipped to monitor  third-party API changes and update the apps with new service APIs as and when the need arises. 

Adding New Features

Focussing on the specific problem the app solves, every new feature is added by the team to solve the problem in a better way. New features are added or existing features are modified based on user feedback. This ensures that the app progresses in the right direction and continues to meet user needs over a period of time.

Security patches and updates

Security patches and updates enable our team to respond to the latest security vulnerabilities. Keeping security patches up to date helps:

  • Reduce exposure to cyberattacks

  • Avoid productivity loss

  • Protect data

  • Improve app performance, stability and security 

  • Add new features and improve existing ones

  • Software continues to run safely and efficiently

Building Scalable Web Apps

Scalability is an integral aspect of custom apps. It signifies the ability of the app to grow organically with growing traffic and user base. Our team leverages scalability strategies to ensure consistent user experience for the app over thousands of users. Besides, it provides the potential for rapid growth, positive user feedback and higher ROI,

Monitoring Web Applications in Real-Time

Real-time monitoring of web apps using advanced tools and processes help easily detect inactivity, rapid anomaly detection and resolution even before the user is aware of the problem. Either our team can monitor the app or set up a maintenance alert tool for clients to receive instant alerts in case of any important events.