Why We Choose React Native For Cross-Platform App Development ?

Hot reloading
Hot Reloading

The extraordinary feature of React Native enables our react native app developers to instantly refresh apps after each code change without wasting time recompiling code. Enabling efficient code editing, it makes changes instantly visible without rebuilding the app. Further, no state of the app is lost while making changes leading to enhanced productivity and  shorter development time.

Code Reusability
Code Reusability

Based on the code once and use everywhere principle, developers no longer need to code separately for iOS and Android apps. Saving time and effort, 90% of the code can be reused on other platforms. Besides, reusable cross-platform elements reduce the development time considerably while allowing developers to focus on other tasks.

Supports Third Party Plugins
Supports Third-Party Plugins

Unlike most of the frameworks,using React Native, developers can add third-party plugins. Thus, enabling developers to use third-party components in app development with ease. The plugins come with awesome user interfaces that can be customized at any time. Numerous components and tools available in third-party libraries help  developers save time, money and effort.

Top 3 Reasons To Build Native Mobile Applications Using React Native Framework

React Native developers
React Native developers are 50% more efficient

The framework offers reusable native components as building blocks enabling the developers to build cross-platform apps at a much faster pace.Features like code reusability and code sharing Increase developer productivity significantly. Hot reloading is another feature boosting developer productivity as a module can be reloaded instantly to see the impact of recent code changes on the app.

UI experience
Native like UI experience

In React Native application development, the framework uses native UI components rather than native code. At some point, a situation may arise when a developer wants to use a native Android UI component that is available as a React Native component but is not supported in the iOS platform, or vice versa. In such cases, React Native provides two alternatives to move forward namely: 

  • Platform-specific extensions 
  • Platform module
React native development services
React Native-Made Native Easy

With features like code reusability, hot reloading, third-party plugin support, the framework offers seamless user experience, faster and cost-effective development. It enables developers to write code in native languages while harnessing the full potential of the platform. At Toobler, we provide stellar react native app development services by using a pool of development experts with broader experience and technical skills in iOS and Android native development, leverage the platform to build truly native apps.

Top 6 Apps Built with React Native

React Native Or Native : What to choose for your Mobile App Development

Go For Native App Development

If you are planning to: 

  • Build a complex app FF
  • Plan to launch the app on a single platform 
  • Focus more on the native user experience 
  • Create apps that heavily rely on native device features
  • Develop IoT-based applications
Go for React Native App Development

If you are planning to: 

  • Build a uniform and simple app 
  • Plan to launch the app on multiple platforms 
  • Face budget constraints in app development 
  • Want to penetrate the market at the earliest
  • Develop social media or e-commerce app

Flutter Vs React Native

With both Flutter and React Native being popular cross-platform mobile development frameworks, let us compare a few factors before picking up one.

User Interface

With native components and extensive selection of external UI kits, React Native  surpasses Flutter when it comes to User Interface. 

Winner: React Native

Programming Language

React Native is completely written in JavaScript using React while Flutter works on a programming language called Dart. Clearly, JavaScript overpowers Dart when it comes to popularity and adoption. 

Winner: React Native

Documentation & Toolkit

With a not so organized documentation process, React Native is way behind Flutter, which offers excellent documentation facilitation, extensive IDEs & tools and compatibility with android studio & visual studio code. 



Dart eliminates the JavaScript bridge used by React Native to interact with native components. It compiles to native machine code offering increased speed of development and takes the crown when it comes to performance. 


Development Time

With ready-to-use components, react native application development is quick and the framework reduces the time frame for the development. This is in stark contrast to Flutter, which requires considerable time to develop projects

Winner: React Native

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