DevOps Testing Metrics - Top 10 KPIs to Boost ROI & Results in 2022

Author: Sara Sharma
July 26, 2022
DevOps Testing Metrics - Top 10 KPIs to Boost ROI & Results in 2022


83% of IT decision-makers have implemented DevOps practices to unlock higher business opportunities.

DevOps methodology has become an integral cog of software development because it has the potential to deliver high-quality results quickly.

DevOps software, when launched efficiently, ensures guaranteed results but in the marathon to deliver fast results, sometimes companies compromise with the quality.

And these compromises create problems for the end-user, which can soil the reputation of the company.

Implementing a DevOps methodology alone won't assure quality results; instead, companies need to integrate KPIs.

KPIs help an enterprise to understand whether it is headed in the right direction or if they need to divert its attention.

Similarly, for successful DevOps testing, companies need to integrate KPIs to stipulate the desired outcome strategically.

In this article, we will be elaborating on the critical KPIs for successful DevOps testing to determine the optimum results.

What Are DevOps KPIs?

DevOps KPIs are a way to determine and evaluate the performance of DevOps practice of an organization.

After analyzing the KPI, the DevOps team can determine the effectiveness of the projects undertaken.

Additionally, they also help to finalize the future steps that need to be taken to ensure high quality.

Why Are KPIs Important To Measure The Success Of DevOps Culture?

Key Performance Indicators, acronymized as KPIs, prove to be an essential part of the information required to evaluate the progress of the company and how it can achieve its business goals.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider KPIs to measure the success of the DevOps culture:

1. To Track The Progress

KPIs help to calculate the progress of the goals. You can analyze the yearly, weekly and quarterly goals to measure the growth.

Determining the correct KPIs can help you to create a robust business strategy.

2. To Monitor Company Health

KPIs are an excellent scorecard for analyzing the company's health.

You can determine considerable measurements that require energy and would cover all the crucial aspects of your business to take your company's progress forward.

3. To Tackle Problems

KPIs can solve all your problems. Identify KPIs that can help you to turn the tide. Put them on your company's board and track them every week.

4. To Analyze Growth Pattern

You can analyze DevOps testing to detect patterns in revenue numbers. Keeping track of your numbers can help you to generate more sales and grow your business exceptionally.

Top 10 DevOps KPIs To Measure Success In 2022

1. DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps lifecycle plays a vital role while determining the KPIs. It not only gives a broad overview of application deployment but also of the entire process.

Right from ideation to execution to customer feedback, companies usually prefer shorter cycles, but they should not be created at the expense of compromising quality.

2. Deployment Success Rate

It is vital to keep the deployment success rate high! Deployments that result in low performance are known as failed deployments.

The factor to consider here is to set working policies that your teams need to follow for building high-quality products from the beginning.

However, if your company encounters failed deployments, you can prepare a roadmap to overcome them.

3. Customer Ticket Volume

It is inevitable to build DevOps software without bugs. However, after rigorous checking through the DevOps tool list, it is easy for the bugs to pass.

In that case, the customer will be coming back later to complain about the issue. Developing a KPI for it can help to fix the bug during the testing stage.

4. Restore Time

Restore time is the time taken to get back the DevOps software to service after delivering a failed project. This indicator measures the time taken from the incident is reported till it is fixed.

5. Lead Time

Lead time is the time taken for the successful production of committed code. It is essential to create this DevOps KPI because the DevOps lifecycle is a never-ending process.

New codes need to be built and deployed all the time.

6. Recovery Time

Pivotal DevOps testing can pass all the tests, but failures can occur at any point. Therefore recovery time from any failure should be done on a priority basis.

As it directly relates to customer acquisition, experience and retention. As a service provider, you should focus on robust capabilities and shortening the recovery time.

This can dramatically accelerate the DevOps software delivery rate.

7. Application Performance

Looking for obscure issues and bugs during the testing phase is a great thing. But keeping an eye on the application during the deployment phase is also essential.

As if there are significant issues and complexity during the release phase, it can create much more significant issues.

8. Service Level Agreement Compliance

SLA compliance or service level agreement compliance can increase transparency during work. They provide the promised commitments between the clients and development companies.

It will set the client's expectations in the developer's mind and help to deliver desired results.

9. Measuring Culture

DevOps methodology is dependent on a 'work as a team' culture. Teamwork is the top requirement in the DevOps tool list for a collaborative environment.

Therefore to thrive in the working ecosystem, teams must develop mutual trust and empower the organization with strategies.

10. Security Test Pass Rate

Security scanning is not a mandatory test in the Azure DevOps delivery pipeline. However, this test can ensure that the team is not ignoring the security practices and adhering to the security regulations.


Integrating DevOps KPIs can fuel your organization's developing cycle. Choosing the right KPI for your organization can promise exponential growth.

We have mentioned important DevOps KPIs that were impossible to keep out of the complete picture. These KPIs were mentioned after meticulous research and years of experience.

Now it's your turn to pick the best working KPIs for your organization. In case you feel deciding on the DevOps KPIs is an overwhelming task, then get in touch with our experts today!

Toobler has an expert team of developers who are proficient in DevOps software development. With years of experience in developing, we will be more than happy to help you with your DevOps requirements.