10 Best Open Source Mobile App Development Software in 2022

Author: Sara Sharma
March 28, 2022
10 Best Open Source Mobile App Development Software in 2022


The mobile app development market size is expanding at a faster pace and the user’s appetite to use new apps keeps growing on!

Around 70,000 new android mobile apps and 32,000 new IOS apps are launched every month.

Owing to the popularity and requirement of mobile apps, it is advent that every organization leader wishes for a mobile app to represent their business.

But building a new app requires a substantial financial investment and time. So what to do now, huh?

Well, well, well (Drumrolls)

It is where open source app development softwares comes in!

Open source is spreading like wildfire, and we know why.

Open source software helps to build great apps quickly and cost-effectively.

We have made an extensive list of the best free and open source mobile app development softwares based on our experience.

Go ahead, compare the features and make a choice!

1. Jasonette


Jasonette is one of the best open source app development software.

With Jasonette, it has never been inconsequential to have an idea and turn it into an app without wasting a second.

Jasonette runs under the licensing of MIT and is based on the open source markup-based approach to developing cross-platform native apps.

Key Features of Jasonette open source mobile app development software

  • Within minutes users can make live changes over the live native app.

  • Users can integrate Jasonette seamlessly with the existing native code.

  • It works like a web browser and needs to be accessed using JSON.


  • Builds 100% native android and IOS apps.

  • It is loaded by HTTP from the cloud.

  • No programming is required.

  • No additional hosting charges.


  • It has limited debugging options.

  • Not a good fit for complex apps.

2. Android Studio

Android Studio

Android Studio is a free app development software for people who want to create apps for android. The project layouts use drop and drag functionalities.

The software offers highly customizable features, which allows it to design bespoke results. The intelligent code editor provides code completion for Kotlin, C++, C, and Java languages.

Key features of best free mobile app development software for android

  • APK analyzer for reducing the final app size

  • Fast emulator to test different features and configurations.

  • It has built-in profiling tools for real-time stats on memory, CPU, and network.

  • Google officially supports it.


  • Debugging features are appreciable.

  • Updates are quick and easy to install.

  • It has a great set of tools and plugins.

  • Perfect choice for android app development.


  • Initial build times can be longer.

  • Requires a high-performance laptop/system.

3. Appy Pie

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a no-coding open source app development software solution to run and thrive a business. It is one of the best options for people who are looking for free mobile app development software without coding.

The Appy Pie users have created around 2M apps, therefore proudly calling themselves “the fastest growing cloud-based mobile apps builder software.”

Well, there is no surprise that Appy Pie has taken over a big slice of the open source app development market. It has a ton of unique features to turn great ideas into apps.

Key features of Appy Pie free mobile app development software without coding

  • No technical knowledge is required to build an app on Appy Pie as it is an AI-powered no-code app builder.

  • Users can create HTML5, Hybrid, mobile web apps for android, windows, IOS, and blackberry platforms.

  • It can be easily integrated with Google analytics for more-real time app statistics.

  • A questionnaire is used to understand the requirements and features a lot of pre-built templates.


  • It boasts over 56 types of features to create a compelling app.

  • The live editor is easy to use.

  • Best to create ecommerce apps with easy social media integration.


  • All the advanced features come under paid modules.

  • The templates look a bit outdated.

4. Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap)

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is one of the finest open source app development software that allows users to build their own apps using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, etc.

It allows you to create efficient apps that will run on multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Key features of Apache Cordova, a free app development software

  • Easily integrates multiple libraries for developing a unique app.

  • With Apache Cordova, you need not worry about the hassle of maintaining SDKs as it comes with a cloud.

  • Users can use third-party tool development tools.

  • It is easy to make and view changes in app development at any stage.


  • Known for rapid testing and development.

  • Supports a single code base for multiple platforms.

  • Quick debug and build cycles.


  • Users unknown to programming languages can’t use it.

  • The user interface is less interactive.

5. Flutter


Flutter is one of those open source mobile app development software that is best suited to build hybrid apps.

It is Google’s UI toolkit that allows you to create apps for web, mobile, and desktop from a single codebase.

Users can write on it with C, C++, and Skia Graphics Engine. With the hot reload functionality, it is ready to make the development process stress-free.

Key features of Flutter the best open source mobile app development software to build hybrid apps

  • Flutter’s UI supports customization as per customers for bespoke designs.

  • The hot reload feature allows users to create an app interface quickly.

  • To help users with app development, Flutter has video tutorials uploaded by Google.

  • It enables app development for both IOS and android.


  • It builds native interfaces within a few seconds.

  • Plugins can be created using accessible channels.

  • UI is flexible.

  • Fully customizable widgets to deliver fast development of native apps.


  • The library collection is not that rich.

  • Lacks accessing device-oriented APIs, e.g., Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

6. Appcelerator


Appcelerator is one of the leading open source mobile app development software. It comes in both paid and unpaid versions.

To use this software, the user needs less coding knowledge as it allows the reuse of codes across various platforms. It will enable the developers to build native mobile apps using JAVA.

Key highlights of Appcelerator, a leading open source mobile app development software

  • It provides time-based and location-based push notifications.

  • With the help of Appcelerator, users can build apps for web and native apps.

  • Offers real-time mobile analytics to the apps built via Appcelerator.

  • View all the changes through a single window.


  • It supports dynamic animation.

  • You can adopt third-party native libraries.

  • Single codebase for different platforms.

  • It allows rapid prototyping.


  • A few errors in the trial phase.

  • Due to the updated version, users need to rewrite code for some projects.

7. Ionic


Ionic free app development software lets you build mobile apps for various platforms such as IOS, windows, and android.

It is suitable to create appealing and interactive cross-platform apps. It is licensed by MIT licence and is written in JavaScript.

Key features of Ionic, a free app development software

  • The ionic app runs on a mix of web and native codes to provide full access to the native functionality.

  • The Ionic’s software includes interactive typography, paradigms, extensible base theme, and mobile components.

  • Its library provides the user with more than 100 plugins.

  • They offer continuous support and unique solutions that are trailer-made.


  • It provides the user with multiple integration options.

  • It encompasses a wide range of integration capabilities.

  • It allows for Cordova-based app building.

  • Best software to make hybrid apps.


  • Does not offer hot reloading.

  • Many features come under the paid structure.

8. AppMySite


AppMySite is a free app development software for beginners that promises to create mobile apps without coding. Knowing the importance of apps for business, this platform offers to build native apps for IOS and Android.

Users can easily customize the templates as per their own brand identity. All the apps are optimized for performance and built to publish on the app stores.

Key features of AppMySite a free app development software for beginners

  • AppMySite comes with endless features that are easy to use and implement.

  • It enables the users to create premium native apps.

  • It has live preview support, which allows the user to monitor every change.

  • Besides the other dynamic features, it also offers a wide range of add-on solutions.


  • No coding is required.

  • Multi-platform support

  • Fast app delivery

  • Flexible subscription plans


  • It is not that compatible with all the WordPress plugins.

  • Does not work well with the custom post types.

9. Xamarin


Xamarin is among the best free mobile app development software and enables developers to build apps for various operating systems.

The reason behind the popularity of Xamarin is that users can automatically test the apps on nearly 2000 real mobile devices. (Amazing!)

It uses the C# language and .NET.

Key features of Xamarin a best free mobile app development software

  • It allows the user to create cross-platform apps with a shared native interface.

  • It easily integrates with the current backend services, native APIs, components, etc.

  • It offers a real-time testing feature to ensure an error-free environment.

  • They host online tutorials for beginners so that they get the hang of the interface.


  • It is a high-performance software as Microsoft powers it.

  • Xamarin is a free app development software that develops native apps.

  • The flexibility of working with two programming languages.

  • It allows the users to build stunning apps.


  • Not suitable for developing game apps.

  • It has more bugs and fewer resources to manage it.

10. Felgo


Felgo is a free and open source app development software that is used to create cross-platform compatible apps. However, it also supports 3D modeling; therefore, it is the best choice to develop 3D games.

This single codebase software boasts high-end customer support. The user interface of Felgo renders to reduce the interaction between runtime and native layer.

Key features of Felgo a free and open source app development software

  • Felgo has an easy-to-use and flexible user interface.

  • It has a hot reload feature for rapid app development.

  • It allows you to add third-party native integrations.

  • With the help of Flego cloud, you can build and publish apps from the cloud.


  • It is easy to learn and use; therefore, it is highly recommended to beginners.

  • It offers smooth performance for fewer bugs.

  • Supports both business and gaming apps.

  • Provides chic abstraction design of platform-specific concepts.


  • It takes time to get handy with the software.

  • Many advanced features come under the umbrella of paid plans.

Final Verdict

The open-source software market is projected to have a CAGR of 19% from 2022-to 2028.

The Global Mobile Application Development Platform market size is projected to reach $25070 million in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 25.0%.

These stats are a fire alarm that the open source app development software is growing at a neck-breaking speed.

The impact of broad reach and availability is the driving force behind the exponential growth in the mobile app development market.

In this guide, we have mentioned the ten best free and open source mobile app development softwares. So, go ahead and pick and pick the one that suits your requirements.

If you wish to know more about the app development services and software solutions, then get in touch with our experts today!