How To Hire React Native Developers? Highlighting Key Skills

From being Facebook’s internal Hackathon project to one of the most trending frameworks for cross-platform app development-React Native has made it big! Numerous giants like Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart have developed their apps using React Native technology.

Planning to adopt React Native for your next app development project ?

Do you want to hire React Native Developers? Well, don’t sweat it!

Whether your project is big or small, hiring the right developers is critical. Finding a freelancer or in-house developer comes with its own set of pros and cons. Besides, Toobler offers a hybrid model that gives clients the best of both the worlds i.e. an onsite expert provides round the clock assistance while handling your project management and design needs. Whereas, the coding is done by our offshore team. This helps customers reduce costs, minimize risk and increase value.

Without further ado, let’s get started. To make things easier, our experts have come up with a concise list of skill sets to help you find the right React Native Developers.

Things to Consider Before You Hire React Native Developers!

Skill Set

In-Depth Knowledge of JavaScript

JavaScript is the heart and  soul of React Native as the entire technology is based on this language. Make sure that the  dedicated developers you hire have an excellent knowledge of JavaScript. This is essential to build components and develop apps.

ES6 and React

Hire React Native developer with profound knowledge of ES6 and React. Ask the candidates technical questions related to ES6 and React. This will help you understand whether or not they are adept with the languages.

Other Skills

  • Knowledge of  JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, native iOS and Android development is a bonus.
  • Navigation is an integral aspect of your application. Ensure that your candidate has familiarity with React Navigation and React Native Navigation.
  • Skills to optimize app performance.
  • Expertise and experience in React.js development, JavaScript libraries like jQuery, frameworks like Foundation  and build tools like Grunt.
  • Working knowledge of unit testing with React testing tools.

Backend Skills

If your project involves backend development, make sure that you hire a candidate with knowledge of at least one backend programming language like Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, etc. 

PS.Don’t forget to ask your candidate which backend technology he/she is familiar with?


Soft Skills

While technical expertise of your React Native developers plays a crucial role in the success of your project. The soft skills ensure that your project progresses in the right direction and is successful down the road.

Hire developers 

  • With good communication skills as it adds more value to your team.
  • Follow coding guidelines-Write clear and concise code
  • Easily adapt and meet changing project/market needs
  • Zeal to learn new things
  • Fosters teamwork to make the project successful
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Stay on top of the latest technology trends


Want to hire React Native developer for your next project?

Hire from our talented pool of developers to build amazing native-like mobile applications using React Native Framework.


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