React Native Vs Xamarin – Which Cross-Platform to choose

The ever-growing popularity of cross-platform apps have been giving numerous businesses a tough time choosing between React native app development and Xamarin app development. 

React Native Vs Xamarin, choosing the right Cross-Platform can have a significant impact on how your team will develop and deploy mobile apps. 

To help you make a better choice, our experts have compared React Native vs Xamarin based on different factors.Without further ado, let’s get started. 


React Native vs Xamarin


React Native

An open-source JavaScript-based framework, React Native is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


On the other hand, Xamarin comes with a free ‘starter’ package but it is the most limited of all the packages. It is followed by other paid packages (subscription-based) like Indie, Business and Enterprise.

Winner- React Native


#2.Ready-to-use Components

React Native

The framework offers a wide range of components for networking, testing, type checking and many more with appropriate documentation. This enables developers to easily utilize these components.


The Xamarin component store offers a diverse range of components and it is definitely better than its React Native counterpart but the documentation part has scope for improvement.

Winner- It’s a tie


#3.Technology Stack

React Native 

Based on JavaScript, the framework utilizes the most popular programming language. Thus, enabling developers with hands-on experience in JavaScript to kick-start mobile app development leveraging React Native. Besides, this also provides businesses a huge pool of skilled developers to choose from without experiencing any talent shortage.


Xamarin is an open source cross-platform framework for developing Android and iOS apps using .NET and C#. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin, businesses have access to a robust mobile application development solution. Together Xamarin, Visual Studio and Azure enable rapid cross-platform app development, testing and deployment.

Winner- Let’s call it a draw


React Native

As per StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2019, React Native emerged to be the 6th most popular framework with 10.5% of the total votes. With a share of 62.5% votes, it also ranked to be the 8th most loved cross-platform application development framework.


In stark contrast to React Native, Xamarin fares poorly in the aforementioned survey. It emerged to be the 5th most dreaded programming language with  51.7% votes. Besides, with 6.5% of votes, it was the 10th most popular cross-platform application development framework. Lagging behind React Native by 4 ranks.


Winner- React Native

#5. Cost

React Native

Being an open-source and community-driven platform, businesses and developers can use the framework and all its related documents and libraries for free. 


Xamarin is an open-source platform and comes with a free starter package for enterprise users  but using other advanced packages including Visual Studio comes at a cost.


Winner- React Native


Choosing between React Native or Xamarian framework depends on factors like specific project  requirements, functionalities and features in the desired mobile app. Are you in search of top-class React native app development services? Hire our experts today!

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