7 Best Digital Twin Companies To Look For In 2024

Author: Nishanth PK
August 23, 2023
7 Best Digital Twin Companies To Look For In 2024

We all know about the technologies Industry 4.0 has given rise to. Though IoT and AI is the trendsetter now, it won’t be long before everyone hears about digital twins and what they can do.

Digital Twin is a virtual replica of an asset or a process. You can test these virtual twins in the digital environment under different scenarios and measure their performance. 

The applications of Digital twins are many, and therefore, organizations have started implementing them.

But digital twins being a fairly new technology, the skill required to build, implement, and monitor them is scarce. Thus developing an in-house team would be time-consuming and costly. This leaves companies like yours with one option - outsourcing

If you are looking for a digital twin company to collaborate with, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss the factors to consider while choosing a digital twin company and, of course, the seven best digital twin companies as well. 

Go through each company in our compiled list and choose the one that best suits your project. 

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Digital Twin Company

It's not always the best or top thing that works for you. It's always the right one!  

This is the same no matter what you are choosing. Be it a development framework, CMS, or even a song. It has to be the right fit for YOU. Similar is the case here.   

So, before you go ahead and splash the cash, let's discuss the factors you should keep an eye out for.  

1. Experience & Expertise  

Okay, first things first. You wouldn't want a newbie chef to handle the main course at your wedding, right? Similarly, when it comes to digital twins, you want a company that's been around the block a few times.  

You need a company that knows the ins and outs and can navigate the unique needs of your industry. If they've been tailoring digital twin solutions for a while, particularly for businesses like yours, you're onto a winner.  

2. Scalability   

Picture this. Your business starts booming (Yay!). But if your digital twin solution can't keep up with your growth, it's going to be like trying to fit into jeans from your teenage years. Super uncomfortable and restrictive. 

Therefore, it's vital to choose a company that will meet your needs today and grow with you in the future.  

3. Security  

Fact – Digital Twins handle a TON of data, including personal data. And in this digital age, the last thing you want is for your data to be left vulnerable. 

I mean, you wouldn't leave your front door wide open, would you? Security protocols need to be tighter than a drum.  So, ensure the company you're eyeing offers top-notch security measures.  

Also, follow the link to learn more about digital twin security and why is it important. 

4. Customer Reviews

What better way is there than the word of a previous customer, right?   

Go through the case studies and success stories on each company's websites and scrutinize their works. What tools have they used, their approach, their methodology, etc.   

Also, don't forget to go online and research review platforms like G2 and Clutch. The customer reviews there can provide insights into the customer experience you can expect from a digital twin company.  

5. Integration

Lastly, consider this - you've got a bunch of systems already running, right? The last thing you need is a digital twin solution that feels like a square peg in a round hole.  

Your chosen solution should fit seamlessly into your existing setup, not the other way around.  

If these factors aren't enough to help you choose the right company, then follow the link to learn more about choosing the right digital twin company. We have also added some questions you can ask the service providers to gauge their expertise and experience.   

Now that we have covered that let's discuss each digital twin company in detail.  

Top 7 Digital Twin Companies

1. Toobler

Toobler is an innovative software development company that focuses on IoT, AI, and Digital Twins. Unlike their competitor, who offers a single digital twin solution, Toobler focuses on offering custom made solutions for their clientele. This unique approach makes them one of the best digital twin companies you can rely on. 

They cater their solutions across industries and offer top-notch post launch technical support as well. Their digital twin services include the following - 

They cater their solutions across industries and offer top-notch post launch technical support as well. Their digital twin services include the following - 

  • Industry-Specific Digital Twin Solution 

 Whatever industry your business belongs to, they can help you with a custom digital twin solution. Their engineers can design and develop a Digital Twin that accurately reflects your physical asset or system.  

With a custom solution by your side, you have the data you need to optimize performance and reduce operational costs.  

  • Real-time Monitoring & Analysis  

Equipped with a personalized digital twin solution, you gain access to vital real-time insights. You can swiftly identify and address emerging issues by continuously monitoring and analyzing your assets or systems before they escalate. This proactive approach ensures operational continuity and minimizes disruptions.  

  • Predictive Maintenance & Optimization  

Their capabilities extend to predictive maintenance and optimization. By predicting maintenance needs and optimizing operational parameters, you enhance efficiency and extend the lifespan of your investments.  

  • Visualization and analytics  

They present potent visualization and analytics tools at your disposal. These tools empower you to delve into the intricacies of your assets or systems, fostering a deep understanding. 

By identifying potential areas for enhancement, you pave the way for performance optimization.  

  • Integration with enterprise systems  

Their solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise systems. This integration offers a unified perspective of your assets or systems. Not only that, it also helps streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.  

The harmonious interaction between our digital twin solution and your enterprise systems aids in informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Digital Twin Project

  • TwinBin

TwinBin is a digital twin-based inventory management application built by Toobler. They followed the agile methodology using the ThingSpine platform to ensure the timely completion of the project.  

The solution includes Smart Bins that monitor stock levels. The bin will trigger automatic purchase orders to suppliers when stock reduces below a certain volume. The app delivers real-time alerts to stakeholders and generates routine stock replenishment reports.   

Furthermore, the app operates wirelessly for greater convenience. The system has been successfully deployed in facilities exceeding 9,000 square meters.   

The client, on the other side, has achieved substantial business benefits. This includes a 60% reduction in material replenishment time and a 45% improvement in warehouse inventory management efficiency.

2. Cosmotech

Cosmotech is a global technology powerhouse with its roots in Lyon, France. It was founded in 2010 by visionaries Michel Morvan and Hugues de Bantel. Their presence is also seen in the United States, Germany, and China.    

The company offers a digital twin solution called Cosmo Tech Prescriptive Simulation Twins. It empowers decision-makers like you by allowing you to virtually trial action plans. This ensures optimal, actionable strategies that align with your KPIs while maintaining complete transparency.

3. Modelon

Modelon home Page

Founded in 2005, Modelon is a global provider of simulation and digital twin solutions. They enable organizations to manage complexity, risk, and uncertainty in their products and operations. They provide advanced digital twin solutions through their system modeling and simulation software.   

At the heart of Modelon's offerings is "Modelon Impact". It's a cloud-based system simulation platform that allows engineers to undertake virtual design, analysis, and simulation of physical systems. The product further fosters a comprehensive understanding of complex interactions and behaviors.  

With Modelon Impact, professionals can tackle intricate engineering challenges with greater efficiency, precision, and insight.   

A distinguishing feature of Modelon is its dedication to open standards. The software they develop is grounded in the Modelica language. It's an open, object-oriented modeling language embraced by engineers and scientists worldwide. 

This commitment to openness facilitates seamless collaboration and sharing of models among professionals, fostering a dynamic and innovative engineering community.

4. Akselos

Akselos Home Page

Akselos is a pioneering digital twin company hailing from Switzerland. With a core focus on safeguarding the world's vital infrastructure, Akselos employs groundbreaking simulation technology. Their unique approach is built upon reduced-basis finite-element analysis, offering highly accurate simulations. 

The company empowers condition-based monitoring, enabling proactive interventions for enhanced asset performance. Their technology also facilitates predictive maintenance programs. This ensures that the critical assets remain operational and minimize downtime.

5. Twinzo

Twinzo home page

​Twinzo is a pioneering company specializing in the development of a cutting-edge 3D Live Digital Twin platform. This platform empowers users to gain insights from real-time and historical data from their facilities.  

By offering the ability to visualize and analyze this data, Twinzo's platform plays a pivotal role in  

  • Enhancing operational efficiency 

  • Process optimization 

  • Proactive issue detection.  

Twinzo caters to a diverse clientele spanning various industries, including manufacturing and healthcare. Two notable features of Twinzo's platform are 3D live digital twin and real-time data visualization.  

The 3D digital twin offers an interactive virtual representation of physical facilities. Whereas the latter helps users visualize real-time data generated by their facilities. This encompasses details such as asset locations, machine statuses, and the flow of personnel.

6. Geminus AI

Geminus AI Home page

Geminus is an industrial AI optimization platform founded in 2021. Their predictive intelligence solutions combine data and physics to create efficient digital twins.   

Central to Geminus' innovation is their novel multi-fidelity modeling technique. This revolutionary approach merges physics-based models with actual data, producing models that outperform traditional AI models in precision and efficiency.  

Geminus' user-friendly solution caters to both engineers and data scientists. Their software platform empowers users to develop, train, and deploy AI models tailored for industrial purposes.

7. XMpro

XMpro home page

XMPro stands as a prominent player in the realm of digital twin solutions. They provide a No-Code Application Composition Platform tailored to industries reliant on valuable assets. Their platform allows engineers to craft real-time apps and digital twins without much coding.  

Established in 2009, XMPro boasts a solid history of facilitating digital transformation.  

Diverse industries, including mining, oil, gas, etc., benefit XMPro's versatile platform. Engineered to scale and adapt, the platform is used for crafting applications across various digital twin use cases.


Digital twins definitely hold a prominent place in our future and many organisations have already started adopting them. Some real-world examples where digital twins are used include but are not limited to GE for their aviation projects and Volvo for their vehicles. 

The key here is to have a proper team with you to build, implement, and manage the digital twin. Building an in-house team from scratch is time-consuming and costly. The best alternative is to partner with a digital twin company like Toobler.

By partnering with such companies, you can ensure a customized digital twin solution for your business that is efficient and free of bugs.  

Want to build a digital twin for your business? Hop on a call with our experts and see how we can help.